Thursday, June 28, 2007

Latest Stuff

Here’s a couple of the latest items to roll off the work bench… Mostly raging forward with the Falklands theme of the week.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

This is the Scimitar CVRT from MJ Figures Falklands line. It’s a very nice kit and comes with three barrel options so you can make either the Scorpion, Scimitar, or … something else…? Scorpion 90?

The Parachute battalion for my Falklands campaign is nearing completion. I thought the infantry would be done with this latest batch… then I found out that the Para battalions at the time had three rifle companies and a PATROL company (and an HQ/Support company) So I’ll need another stand or two of infantry as well as some support weapons – MG, Mortar, and AT (Milan?). So far these, too, are all from MJ Figures. The support stuff I am thinking I will pick up from QRF (unless anyone out there knows of any other place to get 15mm modern British support weapons….?)

These are the first samples of the from MJ Figures Argentines I’ve done. There's only one pack of each of the Argnetine infantry (Infantry, and Infantry in trenches). In the Infantry pack, out of ten guys there are two (count 'em, TWO!!?) guys with some bazooka type thing and one firing a pistol, not the most useful of poses... Ah well... what are you going to do? Thank goodness I'm doing stands and not using them for a 1:1 skirmish game and trying to put together squads and platoons of guys with appropriate weapons! It'd drive me crazy!

These are from Peter Pig. The gun is the 105mm Howitzer from their Vietnam line, the crew is from their AK-47 line (“Helmeted Crew” was the name of the pack, I think…). The Peter Pig stuff is very nice, but considerably smaller than the MJ stuff (and not exactly cheap!). I’ll be using these are Argentines. They should be well enough off to the side that no one will notice. I might pick up one of the MJ Figures Howitzer and crew packs if I decide I need more.

Switching scales and conflicts… I think the figures here were from FAA..? The Jeep is from Rafm. This will be the CO stand in Blitzkreig Commander (or other games…) for my NW Europe/Late War Canadians. The markings on the Jeep, if you can make them out) are for (I hope...) the HQ of the 5th Canadian Infantry Brigade (2nd Canadian Infantry Division).

Never fear some work IS being done on the Chinese! Here are about half of them based and primed. Won’t be finished by the end of June (as originally planned) but should be done... shortly… I do have to cast up a few more as I had to discard about half the ones I had already cast. These were mostly the ones in “at ready” position; I did a crappy job making the mould and so there was just too damn much work carving them to make them look decent… so the rest will be advancing or marching… Should get on these in the next week. maybe I'll cast up the rest tomorrow night after the movie...

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Tim’s Naval Yard – a step by step look at how I scratch built some wee ships for high seas action in the age of sail (and PIRACY!).

Another Blitzkrieg Commander game report – Gary and I played again last night. This time British and Germans in North Africa; a British infantry batllion defends a desert pass against a combined force of German infantry and Armour!

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