Friday, June 8, 2007

Still More Distractions

You’d think I just didn’t want to get started on painting my Chinese….

As mentioned in the previous post about distractions I have decided to re-based all my WW2 figures (15mm AND 20mm). Not to conform, necessarily, to any particular set of rules’ basing guidelines, but for purely aesthetic reasons. Instead of doing something reasonable like waiting until I actually thought I might get around to playing a lot of WW2 games I decided to launch right into the rebasing project this week – and while I was at it I painted a few new 15mm figures as well.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

So I started with rebasing some non-WW2 figures just to see how they look like. These are 15mm SAS from MJ Figures Falkland Islands War line.

The I raged ahead and rebased a pair of Pak36 and crews from my early war Germans…

… and then I did a platoon of DAK. On the left are a couple stands with the new basing system. Not much opportunity for adding fancy terrain or making it into a mini diorama in the desert… but at least they look a tad less crowded.

Then I started in with painting some new toys. These are some modern French from Peter Pig’s AK-47 Republic line… yeah… just don’t ask why I have these or why I chose to paint them this week…

… and finally I painted up a command team, PIAT team, and a 2” mortar team from a Battlefront British Airlanding Platoon. Now I officially have British (or CANADIAN!) Paras in three scales (15mm, 20mm, and 28mm) – what is wrong with my head!?

Oh and I also rebased about 160 Seven Years war figures…. You can see the results of this project here

Am I mental or what? Should I get my head examined? feel free to comment below...

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  1. Hey Tim,

    Chris from Edmonton... First time Blogger:-)
    Anyways my comment is I wish your brand of crazy was contagious as I have two WAB armies ready to be based and painted. :-) Good job on the multiple projects.