Friday, June 8, 2007

Two for Tea

Well John didn’t come over just to have pictures taken of his pretty Toy Soldiers (see previous post). We also tried a very small quick game of Bob Barnettson’s Two for Tea rules – which I had played at Mayday in Edmonton. We, however, played it with much bigger figures!

Most of the figures I used are some of the same figures from the aforementioned (see previous post), which were modeled, molded and cast by John himself (with a few Rafm figures thrown in here and there and the officers were from Old Glory ). I painted them up ages ago and just this past week rebased them on the stands you can see in the pictures below.

I currently have a pretty limited selection of troops; four French battalions and two English. So I set up a scenario where the English had set up a hasty defense of some town when they discovered a column of French were heading up the road. The French, too, were surprised by the presence of the English and marched onto the field in column. There were three victory locations; a crossroads, a log cabin and the town. Whoever controlled a majority of these at the end of 12 turns would win. The British could set up in any formation, anywhere on their half of the table. The French all had to set up in column and either the back edge of the last base in the column had to start at the edge of the table or columns could be up to 30cm/12” onto the table if they were on a road.

John decided to play the British and set up his defenders in line in front of the crossroads. I set up my French pretty much opposite him and we went at it!

For my first command/orders roll I threw an 11. End of turn one. Not a good start, as there was that silly time limit thing.

Things got moving on turn two. As I approached his musketry savaged two of my battalions but in the end strength of number carried the day and the British force broke and ran on or about turn 8. It was a pyrrhic victory at best as two of my battalions had been reduced to a single stand and the other two had also lost one, though none of my battalions were completely wiped out.

Here’s a couple pictures of the game (they are all taken at the same time just from different angles)

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

The French aproach!

Same thing. Bird's eye view.

Same thing. Bird's eye view from the British side of the table.

Yep, you guessed it; Same thing. in this one you can clearly make out the crossroads (where the British colonel is standing) and the village in the background. The log cabin would have been off to the left.

It was fun. It was fast. We decided we should play again with some more units…

Next week Gary and I will be trying out Blitzkrieg Commander again.

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