Monday, May 14, 2007

It’s Good To Have a Plan

Game Plan 2007 Part Two: A Schedule!

Well, with that rambling out of the way I can try and break it all down into some sort of schedule. So here's what I'd like to do:

This Week

1. Finish off the Russian infantry battalion I have sitting on my painting table.
2. Finish painting the Chinese SPAD
3. Prep, assemble and prime the remaining Russian infantry battalion and Cossack Regiment
4. Paint three Chinese infantrymen to finish off third battalion

This Month (May 2007)
1. Finish painting Russian infantry and Cossack Cavalry
2. Prep and prime remaining Chinese (cast any that are still needed – six, I think..) and paint one battalion
3. Finish the Bolshevik masters I am currently sculpting
4. Finish painting Russian snipers and staff officers
5. Poster for Hero’s Gambit

Next Month (June 2007)
1. Finish off any Chinese or Russians
2. Make moulds and start casting Bolsheviks
3. Start sculpting Indians inc. a new British officer figure, two Indian riflemen, one Indian Lewis-gunner, and a generic Indian crewman kneeling.

July 2007
1. Finish Indians, make moulds and cast
2. Paint Bolsheviks inc. SPAD (buy some MGs, Mtd officers for C-in-C/Staff officers, Commissars, etc.)

August 2007
1. Paint British/Indians and Sopwith

September 2007

Other things to work on if I get ahead of myself…
Paint – pirates and sailors, remaining French Foreign Legionnaires, WW2 Germans and British Commandos, Assorted Pulp characters, 1/72 airplanes.
Build – city walls, big pirate ships, little pirate ships, flight stands, and a train station…?

Watch fo regular updates and pictures of the work I manage to get done..

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