Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mordor Orcs

I’ve gotten excited about the idea of putting together some Lord of th Rings armies for Hordes of the Things lately. This started because I got a few Games Workshop LOTR figures in a trade (Thanks Bob!) and I've been thinking about reading the Lord of the Rings to my son. The figures are really, really nice. Too bad they’re so absurdly expensive! On the plus side I think interest in GW’s game is waning and there are some deals to be found on ebay.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

These are some Orcs of some sort I got in trade. They’re not the “Fighting Uruk-hai”… I think they’re “Mordor Orcs”. I’ll probably use most interchangeably… until I decide I need to fight Isengard against Mordor… Anyway, they looked more like a warband to me so I have based them as such (according to my own silly basing scheme…).

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

More Dwarfy Highlanders… maybe some more Orc warbands,.. then Normans and undead (and maybe some Riders of Rohan as they arrive!)

Stay on target…. STAY ON TARGET!!


  1. Start with the Hobbit - It is shorter, a little easier to digest, and is definitely more kid-oriented than LOTR - less scary for sure. Maeve enjoyed the hobbit quite a bit.

  2. Wow you read the Hobbit to her already!? That's awesome. We still have 4 or 5 Narnia books to go yet.... and I had planned on starting with the Hobbit.... So many good books to read so little time... Well, he is five... I guess we got time...

  3. Expensive? At $30 for 24 figs retail, that's just over $1 each! Can you buy decent figures for less than that anywhere?

    Great stuff by the way! I am looking forward to seeing your Lord of the Rings stuff come together!


  4. No You're right, the plastic stuff is reasonable enough. I was refering to the OTHER Games Workshop Lord of the Rings stuff. Characters generally being $14-$16 each or a foot and mounted version together for $30 each!?

  5. Yeah, I agree. $30 for what is essentially one figure (foot and mounted versions) is absolutely crazy... It really shows how they tie their prices to the points value of the fig as opposed to any material costs. I sometimes wonder how that company survives...


  6. GW plastic is an amazing deal; GW metal is horiablly overpriced. I'm thinking about buying like 5 plastic boxsets from GW. At $1 a miniature, you just can't go wrong for the quality!