Monday, February 23, 2009

Fantasy Generals

As promised I have finished up a stand of Orc Wolf Riders. If fielded they would probably be the forces General (having the big banner and all). I’m not sure how to classify them though… Riders seems a bit weak… Knights steems a bit… well… like they should have a bit more armour…? Palidans… we just won’t go there. I guess they could be classed as Heroes (or Anti-heros depending on your perspective…).

The other stand is the Dwarf Hero General.

Here they are:

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

This is a bit of a mixed bag – the bear rider is from Reaper Miniatures, the Horn blower is an old Citadel/Games Workshop figure, and the standard bearer is a slightly modified (he was originally holding a hlberd) Ghost Miniature from Old Glory (which I ordered from - not only because they were on sale – but mostly because Old Glory only ships to Canada via UPS and that’s just bad news!!).

The flag I hand painted on paper. I have the worst time coming up with good ideas for flags… ah well at least it’s better then the orc one…

Yet another view…

These are almost all Ghost Miniatures from Old Glory (also ordered from, except for the wolf the general is on. It’s from West Wind Productions. As noted in a previous post all the Ghost minis wolves heads are turned to the same side and would look silly all together… If I were starting all over I’d probably go with the Rafm Orc Wolf Riders - the orcs aren’t nearly so HUGE compared to the wolves (these ghost minis look like they’d crush their mounts) and the wolves are in varied poses…


  1. Nice stuff! You put me to shame with your volume and quality. And yes, UPS is crazy-expensive; I won't buy if that is the shipping method.

    Bob in Edmonton

  2. Just letting you know that this post has been included in this week's round up of best miniature related blogging: Lead Bucket

  3. what do you use for your HOTT bases?

    Awesome picts!

  4. The base material itself? 1/8" MDF. I cut it myself and bevel the edges before mounting figures.