Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Preachers, Wizards, and Norman Knights

A few more things rolling off the workbench. I’ve spent a lot of hobbytime organizing and prepping new figures that have come in this last week. Here’s a few things I finished up over the last couple days:

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Two identical stands of “Clerics” for Hordes of the Things (one for me, one for Mr. Chris…). I think they are from Old Glory.

Another “Magician” stand for some future Lord of the Rings HOTT armies. NO this isn’t the single Gandalf figure I painted last week and have suddenly re-based (I’ve been known to do such ludicrous things, but not this time!) I simply got two in a trade- thanks, Bob! – one I’ll use for skirmishing, the other for HOTT! Gandalf and Pippin in the background are both Games Workshop LOTR figures.

I also got a spare Pippin in Gondor Livery figure in the trade…

More Old Glory Norman Knights (and more of them dying…!) – a front shot so you can see the fellow with the Danish axe in his belly!! OUCH!!

…a side shot so you can see the pretty shields…

…and from behind so you can seen the Saxon (or Viking...) responsible for said axe skewered on the end of the poor knights lance.

Some GW Dwarf Thunderers. Only one of them is a new paint, the other five have simply been re-based with him to make a stand of “Shooters” for HOTT.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

On my workbench (I should say the front edge of my workbench… as it is a big and rather crowded space) are some more “Beasts” (Wolves), some Gobliny hordes, Halfling spearmen, Normans, dwarves, and a couple of plastic Descent minis… which shall I do next…?


  1. The composition of that axe-belly, lance-chest Norman element is inspired! I'm not sure who got the better deal there... Trading a slow-death axe wound for quick-death lance wound... Looks great, as with all of it! Looking forward to seeing more!


  2. Ah the guy with the axe in his belly is probably not long for this world either - he'll probably fall off his horse and have his head staved by a horses hoof.


  3. Very cool. Those Old Glory guys are pretty sick and twisted. Good thing!
    Good thinkg you figured out what that big piece of flashing was on the figure. I would have tried to straighten him up and cut the axe off. You have a much better eye for that stuff than I do.