Saturday, February 21, 2009

More Orcsy-Goblinses...

Well I have been painting like a mad bastard, staying up way past my bedtime and such, to try and get an orcy-gobliny army ready. I’m just about there! I have one more stand to finish up until I can say “okay, that’s if for now…” Here’s what I’ve got:

1x Warband General (Orc Nasties)
2x Behemoth (one Troll, one Giant)
3x Beasts (Wolves)
6x Hordes (Goblinses)
1x Artillery (Orc Catapult)

by tomorrow I’ll have finished a stand of Wolf riders which I am tempted to call “Riders” just to differentiate them from the beasts. If fielded they will probably be the General as they’re made up a command team (big bad guy, musician and standard bearer). I have loads more orcs (for warbands), wolf riders and even a few more stands worth of horde I could paint up, but that will have to wait until I get the bare minimum needed for the other armies I need for June. I might also like to add a magician stand at some point (I’m kind of leaning towards a Human or Drak Elf sorcerer rather than an orc shaman… but I do HAVE a shamen figure somewhere I could paint and use) and maybe some swarms of bats (flyers).

Here’s the guys I’ve just finished up:

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

These are Games Workshop night Goblins. The three hordes in front are the new ones – pictured with the previous three I did – just so you’d know I did actually paint three new ones this week. That, and they also look more ominous together as one big HORDE!!!

The two stands of wolfy beasts on the left are the new ones. In both cases the two flanking wolves are new ones – ghost minis from Old Glory - the ones in the centre are older West Wind Productions figures that I rebased with them, just to add some variety. If the Ghost mini wolves had all been looking to their front, I might not have felt the urge to do this, but as they are ALL looking off to the same side, I thought that might look a little silly all on a base together…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I’m sure by tomorrow I’ll have finished off the Orc Wolf-Riders, then I think I’m going to crank out as many dwarves as I can before Wednesday (Tim’s Fifth Annual Wargaming Birthday Bash) – maybe even try to finish off the Dwarf Army by the end of the week (month…). That would leave March and April to finish off Normans and Undead, and May to make some more terrain and strongholds and maybe a few more optional stands here and there…

I am on track!


  1. I am somewhat envious of your ability to produce large quantities of painted figures from week to week.

  2. You do fabulous work! I am so jealous of the amount you produce and the quality of it.

    Now, I have to have you assassinated.


  3. That's a lot of bad guys.
    I hope they get the trouncing they deserve.
    Many happy returns, and happy gaming, birthday boy.

  4. I don't so much as think of them as "bad".. I like to think of them as "misunderstood".

  5. "misunderstood" LOL
    The goblins do look like a horde massed up, but not lined up like that. Cool stuff as always!

  6. oops, my comment didn't come out quite right... I meant the fact that they are en masse without being arranged in a linear formation on each stand. I mean, they look impressive and I wouldn't want to have to face a horde of those guys!

  7. They may LOOK impressive... but they're nothing to be TOO concerned about. I just played a battle with them tonight (writing up the battle report right now - be up in the morning) and they weren't so scary... There's a reason why they're only 1AP.

  8. Your output of miniatures is impressive. So is the quality on those figures. It's awesome!