Thursday, February 5, 2009

Two More “Non-Distractions”

I did work on orcs and goblins last night… I just happen to be working on these as well and these got finished… mostly because they were already half-painted and had been sitting on the painting table for a while…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

The fat dude (sorry… person with weight issues…) is from Copplestone Castings. His companion is an old Star Wars figure that I found in a bargain bin for $1. I forget the manufacturer, but it’s a great figure. I’m not sure why I decided to paint her skin blue…? Going with the Star-Warsy/Star-Trekish "blue skin = alien" thing, I guess. Both are wearing clothes loosely based on different types of Russian camouflage…?


  1. Weren't those SW figures produced by/for West End Games? I could dive into my lead mountain to check...

  2. Yes, I think they were produced for the West End Games RPG... but I can't remember who produced them...

    I think there was one company doing it for a while then maybe a different one...? Or maybe they just changed their blister packs and hired new sculptors...? I don't know...

    For some reason I think it might have been Grenadier of Ral Partha at one point... but i could just be talking out my ass!

  3. Just came back down from the lead mountain and the blisters only mention WEG, on the miniatures bases they only put Lucasfilm. Nothing on Grenadier or Ral Partha...

  4. They make an excellent, awkward team. Like a comic book team.

  5. HA! I guess...?

    They weren't really MEANT to be a team. They just happen to be finished at the same time so I took a picture of them together!

    Never know, they may end up being crew members on the Muttonchop Express together...

  6. Wow, the guy on the left is wargamer-sized. Give him a beard and put him behind a lectern and he'd be an excellent representation of me. And with that assault rifle I could yell "I said pencils down, GODDAMMIT!" with authority.

    Bob in Edmonton