Thursday, June 4, 2009

Last Minute Additions

The other night I cranked out a few last minute additions to my HOTT armies before the HOTT Campaign this weekend. Last night ( and this evening) I was (will be) working on making a bunch of new pace sticks.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Two more palisade fort strongholds. I now have the Dwarven mountain fortress, The Elf glade/standing stone, a stone keep (nominally for the Normans, and three Pallisade forts (for either Humans or Orcs).

These are more plastic figures from Games Workshop. I hate spearmen that are attacking or thrusting or whatver… hate them… I tried to have these pointing slightly to the side in hope that their long pikes go between figres/bases… Urrr… if they don’t work out I may take them off the bases and just make one stand with marching guys and the forces of isen gard will have to do with one less stand of spear…

A stand of Shooters for the other Orc/Goblin army. These are old, old Ral Partha figures.

Another stand of Warband for the Vikings… Well.. if Chris lets Terry use them, because technically they belong to Chris… The figures are from The Foundry .

Not really having anything to do with HOTT – a Heroic-looking Spartan Woman. I actually had this mostly painted AGES ago… but never finished the shield as I couldn’t decide on a device. In the end – mostly just to get it off the painting table – I did a boring old Spartan “alpaha” in red. The figure is from Reaper Miniatures. Amanda would like me to pull it off the base and add it to her “HOTT Chick” army… but I don’t really have any other appropriate figures to add to the base…

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  1. Hi Tim,

    Nice painting. Sorry to be a pedant but the sign on the shield is a "lambda". Greeks thought it a sign of unity. I think it was also used by the Spartans as a symbol for Lakedemonia - their home land.

  2. DOH!

    No worries at all! Thanks for setting me straight!