Monday, June 1, 2009

Campaign for Hottsk

This weekend I am running a Hordes of the Things campaign. The Campaign is set in the land of Hottsk. I have finally finished the map and I know the players are anxious to get a look at it so here it is:

(Remember: click on the image for a more detailed view)

There are EIGHT players! They will be running three Orc kingdoms, three Human kingdoms, one Dwarf kingdom, and one Elf Kingdom:

Player: Bob
Race: Dwarves
Country: Anni-Frid
Capitol: Agnetha
Other Cities: Faltskog, Ulvaeus, Lyngstad
Head of State/Army: Bjorn Bjarnetson, High King of the Dwarves

Player: Rick
Race: Elves
Country: Seroza
Capitol: Horta
Other Cities: Lajes, Pico
Head of State/Army: General Venerable Bede

Player: Cory
Race: Anglo-Saxon-ish
Country: Angland
Capitol: Galordon
Other Cities: Morgond, Scael
Head of State/Army: King Aethelbert the Almost Ready

Player: Chris
Race: Norman-ish
Country: Florin
Capitol: Rugenville
Other Cities: West-Leigh, Buttercupford
Head of State/Army: King Humperdinck

Player: Terry Silverthorn
Race: Norsemen
Country: Aarkland
Capitol: Harag
Other Cities: Drelt, Svaug
Head of State: King Häggis
Head of Army: General Lutefisk

Player: Jackson
Race: Orcs
Country: Mørke
Capitol: Waruk
Other Cities: Gnurl, Argha
Head of State/Army: Hannurbull

Player: The Other Tim
Race: Orcs
Country: Halfbad
Capitol: Drek
Other Cities: Glurg, Grog
Head of State/Army: Skimpi the Sneak

Player: Christian
Race: Orc
Country: Land of the Bloody Suns
Capitol: Black Rock
Other Regions: Angry Fists and Broken Tusk tribal lands
Head of State/Army: Warlord Bork Redtooth of the Bloody Suns Tribe

Stay tuned for the report of the weekend, which will be appearing here, on Tim’s Wargaming Blog, about one week from now!!


  1. Christian KnudsenJune 1, 2009 at 6:33 PM

    This is gorgeous Tim - Bravo!

  2. That map is very, VERY nice! Is that the result of your hobby skills, or are you a professional illustrator?

  3. I've done some "illustrating"... "professional" is not a word I'd use to describe myself though...

  4. It's going to be a busy day for the dwarves, in that central position! :-)

  5. Wow! That is really nice! Did you do it by hand or photoshop or another program? Again, really nice work!

  6. hand painted. took a picture. posted it. that's it.

  7. If I'd photoshopped it that text would have been so much NEATER! Maybe I should have... what a mess...

    I handpainted it on a board because we're going to be using it as a game board on which we'll be moving around the army markers to show where everyone is at.

  8. That map is very nice. Looking forward to following this campaign!

  9. Nice map. Looking forward to reading the battle reports.

  10. Great stuff, Tim. Over here in Nelson, BC I am pretty jealous of your gaming group. I thought with 4-5 we were just bursting at the seams. Congrats on getting that much HotT goodness, Tim.

    I have a few really, really dumb questions as a newbie to HotT - around basing. I'd read on the net that a 20mm unit depth was "becoming standard" as a 15mm - scale basing convention in DBA. What is the consensus on HotT in 15mm? Is the base depth as-listed in the rules? Or have people drifted toward something different as a result of expreience with the system? I say this because I'm also reading a tendency to use a 30" board in DBA. Any info on basing and board-size in common use for HotT would be so very much appreciated by us here in the Misty Mountains!


  11. 4-5 sounds like a good sized group! Half of the eight players in this campaign are coming from Calgary or Edmonton...

    I've kind of got this going here because I've provided all the armies thus far - Though my good pal Mr. Miller will have 24AP worth of his own goblins painted for this weekend.

    I don't really know that much about what other people are doing - other than what I've picked up from reading the fanaticus forums or reading some of the stuff at The Stronghold. I'm playing in a bit of a bubble here, and we're really just getting going ourselves. I've owned HOTT for about 15 years - and have played a bit of DBA - but I never actually PLAYED HOTT until this past December!!

    What's going on in 15mm? couldn't tell you. You probably know as much as I do - or more! All my armies are 25/28mm. I have not used the "standard" or "suggested" basing. I did use the 60mm frontage - so in theory I could play with others who HAVE used the "standard basing" as the frontage is what is most important.

    I have completely ignored the suggested base depths and number of figures per base. All of my bases are much deeper and have more figures on them. I did this because I like the way they look. I think they look more like the "units" they represent in the game.

    If I did play against someone who used the suggested basing - they'd have a bit of an advantage as my forces are more likely to recoil into stuff not facing in the same direction, etc and be destroyed.

    A 20mm base depth for 15mm figures makes sense - it's half the suggested frontage of 40mm so a stand could be contacted on the flank, turn to face the enemy contacting it, and have space to recoil and not be destroyed by knocking into anyone that they had been lined up with - not so with my stands...

    We've been playing on 3'x3' boards (the equivalent of 2'x2' boards in 15mm) just for fast, furious games to learn teh system. I think after the campaign weekend we're going to start playing with bigger 4'x4' boards to allow for some more room to maneuver, etc.

  12. I love your map! (I saved the picture to my "inspiration" file - I hope you don't mind) :-D
    I wouldn't worry too much about the hand-lettering, it gives it more character. And stands out from all of the computer-generated maps (my own included) that have become so ubiquitous.

  13. Thanks, Tim.

    I was thinking they made the 1.5cm base depth as opposed to 2cm for the ability of spears to double up at 3cm and lie flush with Hordes, Riders, etc for instance. I also thought 2cm for Warbands was to make them harder to use in conjunction with other troop types. But as you say, there are other basing systems that make sense. 2cm lets you use those same stands to double up and use in "Fantasy rules!" as well for instance. I agree, the look of the 2cm depth seems better than 1.5cm at 15mm scale.

    Keep us posted. Who knows, maybe I'll get over to Saskatoon some day? ;o)