Saturday, June 20, 2009

Last of the Uruk-hai foot

No… really…

The last two stands of Uruk-hai Pike/Spear I did just didn’t work out so well… All those advancing guys with their pikes out front… they couldn’t be set in the drawer… they couldn’t be lined up against any on the battle field… I was about to rip the two bases apart and just use the ones with the pikes upright ans accept that I would only ever have three stands of Spear in my Isengard army… then Mr. Miller gave me 6 more with pikes upright that he got as part of some mega deal…

So now I have four stands of Uruk-hai pike:

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

These are all plastic Lord of the Rings figures from Games Workshop. The two stands in front have the newly painted lot on them – they are mixed with five others taken off the stands that originally had Uruks with their pikes out front.

Don’t go thinking that I’ve just pitched the others though… I simply rebased them onto washers and will use them for skirmishi gamin’:

…well, if I ever need some pike armed orcs in a skirmish game….

Now I just have three more stands of Warg Riders to finish up and that’s it… of corse those warg riders will take some time as they are all busted up and a number of them are missing limbs that will need to be remade from scratch out of modeling putty… mutter-grumble…

Maybe I should get on that though – because once they’re done that’s an army that’s complete! Done! I can walk away from and say “my work here is finished!” How often do you get to do that!?

Here’s the entire army of Isengard so far…

That’s 32 AP:

1x Magician
5x Blade
4x Spear
2x Warband
2x Shooter
1x Beasts or Riders (Warg Riders) (+3 more to do!)

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Some mounted Vikings I’m planning to use as a “Hero” for my HOTT Norse has made it’s way to the front of the workbench, as have a handful of LOTR Dwarf Archers… they’re all a little crammed for space as a bunch of Warrior Wimmin (winged or otherwise) for Amanda’s HOTT chick army are still hanging out there and some plastic descent figures which are trying to move their way up… hard to say which will get done first…


  1. They are looking very nice!

    Shouldn't Saruman be depicted in his stronghold, 500 miles to the rear? ;-)

  2. Thanks!

    Well... You know... Wargames are all about the big "what ifs"... So I made a Saruman stand just in case I was ever in a "What if Saruman came down from his high tower and marched with his troops to the fords of Isen" mood, or whatever... He's there more for completeness...

    I do need to make an Orthanc stronghold at some point...

  3. That's a good looking army. I particularly like Saruman. I wonder though, with like 9 uruks on one base, how do you indicate losses? You can't just take a figure off. Do you use counters or keep a list of your troops?


  4. Yeah, some troops, like those with lowered pikes or cavalry with lowered lances are a pain when it comes to storage and ranking up together on the tabletop.

    The Isengard army looks great!

  5. Thanks guys!

    Rudy - this army if for Hordes of the Things. The army is made up of stands representing entire units. Losses within the units are somewhat abstracted and not represented in the game - the units are either there or they're not... so there's not need for individual figures.

  6. Hi Tim. I just picked up a pile of Uruk-hai, a Saruman, an Isengard Troll and a few other bits and bobs. I don't play LotR but quite like the minis. So, I've a mind to put them together as a HOTT army as you've done. I'm worried about getting the basing stable as these guys are plastic slotta style lads. I know you pin your slotta metals after cutting the tabs off. How did you base these?

  7. The guys that I put on the HOTT bases - which are MDF - I cut off the tabs and pin them, whether they are plastic or metal... although now that I think about it... I think a lot of the plastic orcs had great big feet, so I just shaved off the tab, shaved their feet flat and glued them down.

    Any of the individually based figures I usually just cut off the tab and glue them down to a washer. most figures have big enough feet to provide a large enough surface area to to this. If there isn't a big enough surface ares - the figure is standing on tip-toes or soemthing - i shaved the tab down and i glue that to the washer and build up the area around it with green stuff.

    Does that make sense...?