Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More HOTTies…

I’ve been working on a few more stands for Amanda’s “HOTT Chick” army – The Saphistic League of Unity and Togetherness.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Another stand of older GW Dark Elf Witch Elves. These will be classed as “Warband”.

I also had a couple extra I based individually for skimishin’! Not sure when I’d ever make use of them… I think they’d more likely show up in a Ski-fi skirmish than in a fantasy one…

These are Ngoni Archers from Copplestone Castings. They will be some more “Shooters”… Though I guess they could also be used as “Lurkers” – an ambushing party waiting in the woods…? It’s been a while since I painted any Coppelstone figures. They’re so much fun to paint…

This is a work in progress. The figure is from Hasslefree Miniatures. It will be a “Hero” – possibly a “Hero General” – for the army.

I’m kind of stuck at this point because I’m unsure how to paint the cat. Part of my wants to do a single colour – golden brown or black – but part of me wants to make it stripy like a tiger. I think stripy could potentially look better… but if not done right it could look not-so-hot… Also What colours…? I could do it in a standard orange with black stripes… but then I could paint it like a white tiger…? Or something even crazier like green with purple stripes or blue with orange stripes!? On one hand I thought maybe I should ask Amanda what she would like… on the other hand it’d be nice to just have it done when she gets back from Ontario as a surprise.

Any suggestions…?


  1. Good stuff! I've been thinking about getting the Hasslefree lady on the tiger... How about spots, like a leopard?
    You're right, tiger stripes are tricky to get right. I attempted stripes, but ended up doing more of a solid color with lighter belly, etc. on a big cat from the Celtos line.
    Whichever way you go I highly recommend using references for the colors and stripes.

  2. A white tiger would be very cool.
    Did you ever paint those Ngomi fast! How did you make such unpromising figures look so good?

  3. As for speed... well, they're mostly brown and pretty much naked and thus devoid of any finicky detail.

    As for making them look good... I don't know.. it helps that they're just really great models...?