Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Oh Dear….

So, RAFM was having a sale on their 25mm ancients…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

I now have enough squirreled away to make FIVE different Successor DBA Armies. I already had the better part of three of them, and the beginnings of #4 and #5… but I needed a pile of more phalangists and Elephants (the Elephants I already picked up from The Sentry Box). There’s also enough to make a Skythian army, A Thracian army, any Early German army, and a Classic Indian or Graeco-Indian army (less the chariots)… I even picked up a few packs of Indian Palace Guardswomen and some Skythian Noble Women Archers to add to Amanda’s “HOTT chick” army!

They were $4.50 per pack of 6 foot or 3 mounted who could resist!? I mean that’s how much they were in 1990 when I bought my FIRST DBA army – which was a mix of the very same RAFM (and some Ral Partha) minis… in fact here’s a couple of the RAFM ones I still have:

Not exactly up to today’s standards… but I like to keep them around to see how far I've come... They were supposed to be Later Achemenid Persians….

I don’t even want to count up how many this is and add it to my tally because it will be far too depressing… I’ve also had a moratorium on further figure purchases for the next year imposed (fair enough, I went a little overboard here…). I won’t actually be painting any of these until the new year… and I have not shortage of things to paint… so…


  1. Wow! I have a few things that have accreted over the summer but your lead pile blows mine away! Wow! You will have quite the armies with which to play.

    I know you are going to based these on bigger frontages because they are 25s, but will you be keeping with DBA depths or doing something more akin to "whatever is necessary to make them fit" as you did with your HOTT armies?

    Bob in Edmonton

  2. I'll be basing them on deeper bases like all my other DBA and HOTT stuff to accommodate extra figures - for that "unit" look I love so much... I bought enough Phalangists to put EIGHT on each base! BOO-YAH!!

  3. But when they see your troops on the table and comment on the size of your army you can reply, "Those are just my reserves!"

    This being the reason points systems came about. :)