Sunday, August 23, 2009

28mm Moderns Complete!!

Inspired by watching Generation Kill (which Christian leant to me) and the desire to be able to say “I am DONE those!” I finished off the last four 28mm Modern Military figures I have!

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

This Quartet of modern Russians are from The Assault Group. I ordered them direct – it was quicker than trying to get them through the local game store and also when ordering direct you get one of each in the set – instead of a blister of 8 with two of each. This happens to finish off the last of the 28mm Modern Military minis I have! These guys have already seen some action - check it out at Savage Timmy's Playhouse

Oh, I do have some more 28mm Modern/Near Future Civillians and Superheros types… but all the Military ones are done. That’s also not to say that I won’t ever add to them – there’s a number of things I’d like to add at some point, but given the moratorium on further figure purchases until next year… that ain’t going to happen any time soon.

So here’s a look at the complete collection to date:

These are some Ultra Modern Russians. The infantry, as above, are all from The Assault Group. The BTR-80 is from S&S Models.

These Cold War Russians are from Mongrel Miniatures. They sometimes see action with the Ultra modern types above.

These East Germans are also from Mongrel Miniatures.

I’ve had this figure since the late ‘80’s/Early ‘90’s and I have no idea who manufactuered it or where it even came from!? I so wished I could have found more because I was playing a lot of Twilight:2000 at the time… I should give him a Pinsol bath and repaint him to more closely match my other Cold War Russians.

These Afghans are mostly from Devil Dog Design, though the stinger team on the left is from Mongrel Miniatures.

The better part of a platoon of modern British paras (all from The Assault Group)

4+ teams of Modern British SAS (again, all from The Assault Group)

Some Cold War British SAS (from Mongrel Miniatures) – two teams worth.

More Cold War British; On the left are four Gurkhas from Gripping Beast’s MoFo line, while the platoon command and support to the right are from Mongrel Miniatures.

A handful of Americans. The four on the left are from Devil Dog Design. The four on the right are from Gripping Beast. The one in the middle is a converted Copplestone Castings mini.

A fireteam of Canadians. The four with helmets are from Devil Dog Design, the other fellow is from RAFM.

These guys I’ve had since the the late ‘80’s/Early ‘90’s and been used for all sorts of adventures and games – from Twilight:2000 to 40K… This was it for moderns until all the cool new 28mm stuff started coming out… The four on the left are Dr. Who UNIT figures that, I think, were manufactured by FASA in North America…? The four on the right are Morrow Project figures… I’m not sure who manufactured them…

Not Military per se, but 28mm, Modern, and DONE! (and close enough to Military…!) The five on the left are Copplestone Castings, the remaining eight on the right are from The Assault Group.

I’d like to add some more vehicles at some point… a T-72 perhaps, maybe some Soviet APC/IFVs from Sloppy Jalopy - they’d be most handy as they could be used by any number of forces equipped by the Eastern Bloc. Some British Tanks and/or APCs to support the British infantry I have would be nice.

I’d definitely like to finish up the better part of a British Cold War platoon… pick up some more Cold War Russians (more VDV and some Motor Rifles) and some Argentines for them to fight…. I’d like to get some Generic African Militia… and maybe some mercenaries…. More Arabic types… and perhaps some Middle East regulars….

Some day I think I’d also like to model and cast my own Cold War Canadians in 28mm… (since I don’ tthink anyone else is ever going to make any!) but that will be a way off…

Now if only I could finish off the 28mm Modern Civilians and Superheroes! (not to mention all the Kiss-Kiss, Bang-Bang figures I picked up….). Maybe that should be the carrot – once I’ve finished painting all those I can pick up some more Modern/Cold War Military types!?


  1. I should note that I also have a pile of Vietnam stuff that technically could be considered "modern"... but for some reason I consider it separately...

    I took stock of them a while back and you can see them here:

    Vietnam in 28mm

    Quite a few of the ones that were still unpainted at the time of the post are now complete.... maybe I should do an update... or check and see if there is any stuff still to be painted... and paint them... and THEN do an update!

  2. Hey, Tim. Nice batch of minis! You've definitely got the best and most varied collection of 28mm Moderns I've seen. If I had your collection I'd add one more army. Being an American living in Southern California I've always wanted to paint up minis for the Modern Mexican Army. Who would they fight? Drug Cartel? US? Private Military Contractors? Probably all of them!

    Where would you get a T72 to go along with these guys? I know Force of Arms does a 28mm T55 which I've been eyeing ...

  3. Thanks Ted!

    I've seen 1:48 plastic T-72 kits made by a company call Kitech listed on ebay. That would seem the economical option as they're usually about $10-$15USD shipped free worldwide.

    Chieftain Models (which has recently been bought by Sloppy Jalopy) makes on in 1:56.... I will likely go with this option as between Chieftan and Sloppy Jalopy they have a number of appropriate vehicles for the forces I'm working on that are simply unavailable anywhere else... and they're scaled to go with Mongrel Minis and Gripping Beast figures which I really like and plan to get more of....

    Mexicans, indeed! What figures would you use? I have no idea what kind of equipment Mexico uses..!

  4. Hi Tim,

    Just discovered your very interesting Blog and the fact that you have some interest in modern 28mm Russians. I see that you have the TAG and Mongrel ones like me ;-) I was not very happy with the TAG and that is one of the reason I created a small company with a friend a few month ago: Red Star Miniatures( Do you know us ? We specialize in modern Russians and have a lot of project for them ;-) If you want to contact me:



  5. I have seen them at some point... maybe saw them mentioned on TMP or somewhere...? They look really cool!

    I think I have all the "modern" Russians I really need at the moment and what I was mostly interested in was cold war Soviet stuff from the 70s/80s... but If I ever want some more ultra modern russians - I'll definitely head your way!!