Thursday, August 6, 2009

Vikings vs. Anglo-Danish

Last night I hauled my kit over to my friend Gary’s to play some DBA. We played two games. The first Gary played the Vikings and I played the Anglo-Danish.

I forgot to bring my camera but here’s a few pics Gary sent me:

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Vikings on the right, Anglo-Danish on the left. In the foreground you can just make out a waterway. There was a bit of maneuvering just to get our lines fully extended. Then….

CRUNCH! The battle lines meet!

In the first contact I lost two stands, and by the end of Gary’s next turn I’d lost two more… game over…

For Game Two we switched armies.

This time I (playing the Vikings) had two bits of bad going to deal with directly to my front. My plan was to have one smaller column go through the far woods – just to give his Huscarls and all the spear he had piled up in from of his camp something to think about. Meanwhile two other larger columns would get down to the business of killing of a smaller part of his force over on the hill. The hill only evened up his spear with my blade

It worked out pretty good. Unfortunately Gary positioned his spear right at the top of the hill so after one good shove half of them were over on the reverse slope and my blade suddenly had a huge advantage.

It was all – quite literally – downhill from there.

Both games were good fun and I think we both learned a lot – though I’ve been playing a lot of Hordes of the Things and some DBA variants for the Great War – Ancients (or in this case “Dark Ages”) DBA is quite different. I’m looking forward to playing some more of this! Hopefully I’ll get a few games in next week when CVT is in town and CK is on leave!!

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  1. I almost never win with an A-S army. The spears have no quick-kill, and are slow to boot. All of their contemporary opponents can easily outmaneuver them, except for the Vikings. The Vikings have more blades, of course, so you're not really going to win a slogging match either.

    Good thing I like the underdog!