Saturday, August 29, 2009

More Russian Civil War DBA

It’s been a month since I’ve played any Modern-ish DBA and with the October Camapign Weekend rapidly approaching I thought we’d best do some more play-testing and get the rules and forces hammered out.

This time, just as the last game Riak and I got to gether and tried out a game on a DBA “25mm standard” 3’x3 board with 12 stands.

I think we may have tweaked the ranges a bit”
Rifles 400 paces
Machineguns 600 paces
Field Guns 1200 paces

…these seemes to work out fine.

Rick took the Tsarists and I grabbed some Bolsheviks and away we went


1x Command
1x Machinegun
1x Field Gun
2x Light Horse (Cossacks)
7x Rifles

1x Command
1x Machinegun
1x Field Gun
9x Rifles


WE diced for who would be the attacker – and that turned out to be me. So Risk set up some terrain, I diced for a side and got it (choosing to fight along a river, potentially splitting my forces rather than potentially having to fight across it! Although… now that I think about it, fighting across a river wouldn’t be quite so tough in this era – if he had chosen to rush forward and “defend the riverbank” I could have easily parked myself on the opposite side and shot at him until he left… ah well…)

The Tsarists deployment. All of the Rifles are on the west side of the river – deployed opposite my camp. They were obviously hunger and eyeing up all the victuals piled up within!

Overview of the initial deployment from the North. The Bolsheviks are on the Nearest (North) edge of the table.

The Bolsheviks deployed on the East side of the river – formed into two columns with a battery of filed guns between them to support their march across the vast broken ground to their immediate front.

The Bolsheviks deployed on the west side of the river – detailed to protect the baggage.

From the first turn the field guns were exchanging shots – this first round I lost… From the get-go the Bolsheviks were plagued with bad P.I.P. rolls (I had forgotten to put on my “lucky” Budenovka!)

The Tsarist Cossacks tried to slip between the Bolshevik forces along the river but were caught…

…and annihilated!

The Tsarist Infantry approach the Bolsheviks defending the baggage!

Though some on the right of their line made it to the Bolsheviks (and overran the MG company’s position) to many were shot down in the open as they advanced and the Tsarist forces crumbled and routed!

Final dispositions.

It turned out to be a good quick game full of excitement and a bit of back and forth… I think this will work out well for the campaign in October

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  1. I love the way you have helped us step by step with the graphical inputs.