Saturday, August 1, 2009

All Over the Place….

I know what I SHOULD be doing… I should CONCENTRATE on ONE THING and get an army done… I’m usually pretty good about that, but I seem to be a bit scattered this month… I started working on Romans, inspired by watching the HBO mini series. No this has nothing to do with any of the campaigns but at least I was sticking to one thing. (I guess they COULD be used as a Hordes of the Things army in the email campaign I’m running in the fall…) Then I did some more Romans and a Successor elephant - so a minor distraction, but more or less sticking to one army (the Romans) and loosely the same theme (“ancients”)…

But then I did some Horse and Musket Cuirassier… but these weren’t for me – I cranked them out because I was feeling guilty about painting Romans I hadn’t actually yet paid for (painting cavalry for John in exchange for the Romans…).

Then this last week or so it all came apart… Did I finish the Romans? Hell no, I painted up some Irish and other sundry items….

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Some Religious types from Gripping Beast. The individually based ones will be for skirmish gaming. The ones on the stand will be to “HOTT-ify” my Anglo-Danish/Saxons with a “Cleric”. Of course then I’ll have to come up with another 1 or 3 AP stand to “even things up”… I’ll likely make it a stand of Horde – a fitting and entertaining companion to the Clerics – rabble whipped up into a frenzy by the preachers.

These are also from Gripping Beast and will be the Psiloi stands for my Norse Irish. The Auxilia will have 4-5 figures per stand and the Blade 5-6.

This is a “Cave Giant” from RAFM. He’ll probably be used as a big Troll…

…it doesn’t look any better for the next week as I have two stand worth of half-finished Picts and Saxons on the workbench!? The Romans are there too, but then so are some Macedonian Hypaspists!?

On the gaming front I’ve played a few Russian Civil War in the “Back of Beyond” games using a variant of DBA – we are constantly making tweaks…

This past Wednesday Jackson and Rick came by to play a game. This one I tried out on a 3x3 surface (DBA “Standard”) with 12 stand forces to see how long a game would take – as this is what I’m planning to use for the campaign in October.

Chinese Mortars break up the advance of the Tsarist Cossacks!

The game did play pretty quickly. Though on the 3x3 surface I may have to shorten up the ranges (that I had been extending over the last couple games…) just for some play balance on the smaller field of battle.

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  1. Wow! I like that troll/giant being. You hve done a very god job on the skin tone - it looks like it has just emerged from a rock face.