Monday, July 13, 2009

More Campaign Planning

Well, I have more or less settled on a few things…

I am going to run three in-person, weekend campaigns over the next year. The next one will be in October of this year, and then February and June of next year. If it all works out I’d like to continue running them every four months or so… (so, probably October of next year as well… but I’m not thinking quite that far ahead just yet….)

The Campaign for this October will be the “Back of Beyond” Campaign mentioned in the previous post. This is mostly because I pretty much HAVE everything I need to run it. I could run it tomorrow if I had to. I’m not going to. I’m going to run it in October. That will give me some time to add a few new elements to a few of the armies and work on the rules a bit more. I should have enough forces for up to SEVEN players!? Now I just have to figure out a date and start recruiting!

In February – probably around the end of the month so we can make it another Wargaming Birthday Bash Weekend – I’m going to run a 1066 Campaign. Again this is mostly due to the fact that I have a few of the armies already done and the rest are underway. I could easily have seven players again for this one (Vikings, Normans, Anglo-Danish, Scotts, Welsh, West Franks, Irish…), and could potentially add a couple others (additional Vikings and Anglo-Saxons…?).

Finally next June I’m thinking I’d like to run a Macedonian Successors campaign. Taking stock I realized I have enough for two complete successor armies and the beginnings of three (or four) more… It just so happens that Rafm is having another sale on their ancients this month… I haven’t a single figure painted for this one, so I’ve got my work cut our for me…

The other campaigns… well… we’ll get to them eventually.

In addition to the weekend campaigns I’m still planning on running a HOTT email campaign in the fall. I might run others as email campaigns or weekly turn, extended campaigns for the local lads… we shall see.


  1. I went and ordered some Amazons from Foundry. That should help HOTT-ify my Skythians.

  2. Cool!

    Yould have gotten some of these:

    Scythian Noblewomen Archers

    They would have even matched your Skythians!

    Of course the Foundry ones will definitely be "HOTTer"!!

    Are you ordering direct from Foundry or somewhere else?

  3. Oooh I just went and had a look. Not only will they be "HOTTer"...they'll also be MOUNTED!!