Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Is My Face Red....!?


I had a little accident last night while cutting some MDF for some 3-D dungeon terrain tiles I was building with Jackson. I was cutting some on the table saw when it kicked back at me and tore a chunk of flesh off my right index finger.


Oh nothing that would require surgery to re-attach or anything... But being right handed this has made doing anything requiring fine motor skill somewhat challenging and/or painful.... So I'm probably not going to get much painting done over the next week or so.

On the plus side I might get some reading done... or not... I didi just pick up the next three discs of the HBO Rome series from the local library.... After watching that I'm not sure what will be more "painful" - painting more Romans or NOT painting more Romans!


  1. OW! Be careful! Hope your finger heals quickly. Cuts like that can be pretty painful and annoying.

  2. Owww.... that'd hurt.

    Your last question.. very deep and philosophical..LOL

    Cheers for a bit of speedy healing


  3. Bummer...so should I say finger...?