Wednesday, July 22, 2009

As It Turns Out…

Despite my messed up finger…

(Ow, huh?)

…I still managed to finish off a dozen Cuirassier I started ages ago while watching episodes 6-8 of Rome last night:

These are figures made by my friend John. They’re pretty easy to paint and so weren’t too troublesome. There wasn't much left, and I did watch three episodes - so I took my time and worked through it. I’m painting these up for John in trade for all the Romans I’ve been painting… Three more units to go! (or was it four…). He’ll be doing the basing – though I will be trying to convince him to base them on a 60mm frontage so they’ll jive with my own DBA armies…

Now to finish off that first Roman army, then forge ahead with some Anglo-Danes…!

Well... maybe I'll work on some simpler tasks over the next couple days - like priming - that don't require so much in the way of fine motor skills... (lots of Anglo-Danes to prime!)


  1. Ahhh! It looks like you put some hydrogen peroxide on there too. Wouldn't want to get gangrene! Will over at Will's Wargames Blog sliced his finger with a blade last month. In college I dropped an X-acto blade into my bare foot! I'll bet everybody has a similar injury story, but yours looks especially bad!

  2. Yes, Tim, but did you kill all the gladiators sent against you in the arena (with a little help from your friend)?

  3. Bah! It's only a flesh wound!

  4. HE HE HE!!!

    No, considering how much whinging I've been doing over this little finger I would have shamed the thirteen and had my head staved in by the first guy while blubbering like a baby. The most damage I could have done to them is causing them a wrist injury while trying repeatedly to bash my thick skull in....

  5. That's right!

    Tis but a scratch!

    Come back here, I'll bit your leg off!