Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More Space-Gamin’ Stuff

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

These lads are from Artizan Designs Kiss Kiss Bang Bang line. They could potentially see use in the not-to-distant future as starship crew in my space campaign on Savage Saturday.

Mr. Secret Agent Man, also from Artizan Design’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang line, could be some sort of Imperial Operative… or someone working for one side or another in some shady clandestine operation of a local government or a stellar megacorporation…

Another character for the aforementioned Space Campaign. The figure is from Reaper Miniatures Chronoscope line which has a lot of bizarre odds and bits…? (Amanda needs a new character as Abby “Ace” Grace got her heab bitten off by zombies and then riddled with 10mm explosive-tipped caseless (Standard Light Armour-Piercing) rounds last adventure).

Another of the old Grenadier Stellardate: 2998 minis. I think this one was called the “stiletto”.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

More Sci-fi stuff…. (maybe some Elves…?)


  1. Are you painting all of these up in a day? How long does it take you for an average figure like these?

  2. The Secret Agent Man and the Woman and the space ship were pretty much start to finish last night (painting-wise, they have been based and primed and even had the basing goop applied previously). The Three others I had started AGES ago and were probably 80-90% done and I just finished them up.

    If I sit down and paint a single 28mm character figure and nothing else it would probably take about an hour. I work in batches though and try to set up production lines when I can. When I work in a production line on units in uniforms without TOO much detail I can get that down to an average of 15-20 min/figure.

    The sci-fi commandos I've been doing lately in that crazy camouflage obviously take a bit longer....

    I do spend an average of 2-4 hours painting just about every night between when kids go to sleep and when I go to sleep.

  3. Ugh. Then I am *still* too slow. It takes me about 2 to 3 hours per figure, on average. I try to do 3 at a time, and it takes me about 3 nights of 3 hours roughly to finish them. I was just curious to compare my time.

    I try to base/block in all at once, then do wash/shade, then do highlight/details. I find that basecoating takes the longest. I'm speeding up a bit by using larger brushes, but it still takes time. Ah well.

  4. Very impressive -- you paint about a hundred times faster AND about a hundred times better than I do! :-)
    Really cool figs!

  5. Yikes! As if having your head bitten off isn't enough! Great stuff man!


  6. Tim, I'm looking for good top/bottom/side photos of Stellardate ships. Any ideas on how I can get the word out?

    Robert . Eaglestone at. Gmail ....

    Thanks for your consideration.

  7. The Miniatures Page - Scifi discussion forum?

    Lead Adventure Forum - Future Wars Forum?