Wednesday, February 3, 2010

French Attack Fort Ofwego!

After John’s game two weeks ago I got thinking about playing around with the DBA 1500-1900 Extension again and revisit the Seven Years War

I changed the game night to Wednesdays, because that, apparently, was supposed to work better for more people… and stayed up until 2:30 this morning trying to finish up the Highlanders… and then only John showed up – which was fine (quality is always better than quantity!).


1x Light Horse General
1x Jäger (Rangers)
1x Cannon
9x Musket

1x Light Horse General
1x Auxilia (Indians)
1x Cannon
9x Musket


For this first crack at it we took more or less equal forces and didn’t bother with the troop quality/limited recoils we’ve used in gunpowder era DBA games.

John wanted to played the French so I played the British. We diced for who was attacking and it was the French. So I set up Fort Ofwego and deployed my forces!

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

The British prepare to defend Fort Ofwego.

The forces advance.

More pretty pictures of advancing units…

The first volleys are exchanged between the French and the Highalnd battalion – looks like the Jocks took the worst of i!

After a brief nasty skirmish in the woods the French allied Indians overran some apparently inexperienced British rangers!

More exchanges of musketry and cannon.

Another loss on the British side – conveniently the one British dead marker I have was a highlander! Things looking bad for the defenders of Fort Ofwego

Then the tides started to turn as the French battalion on the right flank took some serious losses.

The French CHARGED into contact with the Highlanders (I’ll never hear the end of it!)

The melee between the French and the Highlanders in the center intensified!

Some cannoning brought down anther stand of French men evening up the odds.

Should have deployed the cannon in a more central location…

In one turn things started to spiral towards their conclusion – but who would come out on top was still far from certain – first the British lost another stand of their gallant Highland lads…

…then the French battalion on the flank lost another. If either side lost one more it would all be over!

Things looked grim when the Indian allies finally came out of the woods and attacked the British guns!!!

Somehow those brilliant gunners of the Royal Artillery survived the assault and then beat of the savages…

...and then turned their guns on them and blew them apart with canister! At that point the French gave up their attack on Fort Ofwego!

It was good fun. I might like to try it again with the troop quality/limited recoils. I think for a campaign game it would be necessary – just to keep things going at a quick pace. I should also very much like to try some scenario games with not so even sides, and also some much larger battles with multiple commands on each side. Of course the latter will require a bunch more painting…

I could easily see getting excited enough about this that an 18th Century DBA campaign could be next up after the Dark Ages one in June...

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:
Some better pics of the new Jocks… then probably a few more Horse and Musket era troops – some cavalry… a few more highlanders… then back to some fantasy things for the campaign, which is coming up in just FOUR WEEKS (I guess I better get on with those rules revisions)!


  1. Most excellent report... And I really relate to staying up late... Glad that it worked out for you and you managed to finish the army in time for some tabletop action! kudos!


  2. Looks cool, and that you guys had fun. Sorry I couldn't be there!

    I am impressed how well DBA/HOTT deals with this kind of stuff. Now we have to make cavalry more survivable - Or learn how to use it. I would like to do a battle with limited cav set in this horse and musket period, just to see how we can use it. I imagine that less terrain equals more effective cav...

    But this means you want some flex in the army list ie take some skirmishers for lots of terrain, or cav for more open. Or just have the option to switch rifle for skirmishers, ie they will deploy in line this time.

    Any thoughts?

  3. In the published lists there are lots of options - well less so for the British and French in North America - because, well, historically there wasn't all that much cavalry.

    There are also options like 0-2x4Ms/2Jg which I presume are stands that can either be fielded as Musket or Jäger...

    I think the mounted will be much more survivable in this period, with the rules as written, because the mounted AREN'T quick-killed by muskets (only Rifles and Cannons they have contacted this round - or in bad-going)

    I have some French Cavalry to paint - and they'll be moving to the painting station very shortly (maybe even tonight!) - so we can try that out shortly...

  4. A nice report, as usual.

    A strange/subjective question for you. Do you use the standard 40mm = 100 yards? Visually, does it look ok, 25mm figures moving to within 1.5" - 3" to shoot? It seems kind of close to me.

  5. Cheers!

    Yes, I use the standard 40mm=100 paces. Muskets have a range of 300 paces so 120mm - about 4.5". I have no problems with it - I have little trouble visualizing abstractificated scaling between figures and distances on a table. I mean, If I can visualize 24 guys packed on to three bases being ~700-1000 guys spaced out over a frontage of 450 paces... a 90cmx90cm battlefield being 2250 paces x 2250 paces... it's all relative.

    I would think if you wanted to play with 25mm figures and use "to scale" firing ranges in that small of a space you're going to be limited to skirmishes where line-of-sight in the woods will be the only thing limiting the range of your weapons...?

  6. True, true. Any thoughts on whether you'll do Europe and the New World (I'm thinking of that nice map from Warfare in the Age of Reason)? Or just North America?

    Looking forward to reading about the campaign!

  7. The campaign might just be one of "imagi-nations" very much like the last could HOTT campaigns; simple map, everyone gets to name their own three countries, etc.

    Of course, maybe it's time to take a break fro that...

    I has at one point thought of using the campaign system from Habitants and Highlanders - with a few tweaks...

    Haven't really given it too much thought just yet...

  8. WHOOPS!

    Sorry, I lied - the Muskets did have a range of 200 paces - just like Bow... It wash the Rangers (Jägers) that had a 300 pace range!! (not that THEY got any shots off!!)

    Still didn't have issues with it...