Friday, February 5, 2010

French Cavalry of the Line

A year or two ago (maybe three!?) my friend John gave me these French Cavalrymen for my birthday… (I know what you’re thinking; “give them to me Deagol, my love, it’s my birthday… precious…” – it wasn’t quite like that…)

I think he said the figures were from RSM figures…? I can’t remember… Anyway I have a few more to do, but these were assembled and primed so I painted them up last night.

Unlike the infantry regiments I’ve done to date, I haven’t fashioned them after any particular regiment. I was just looking through an Osprey book on Louis XV’s cavalry and Red coats with blue facings seemed pretty popular so I figured I couldn’t go far wrong with this colour scheme…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I have two stands of Mossers ready to be based, pics of those tomorrow… then a small number of Jacobites have snuck their way onto the workbench enough for a stand of Warband and a couple stands of Jägers… There are rumors that “Bonnie” Prince Timmy is on the water again and planning to raise his standard on the Isle of Laynd, he will come again to reassert his claim to the throne of Luteland! (If only the cowardly Lutlanders can be brought to battle on standardized base with a 60mm frontage!!)


  1. Luteland will never submit to the Pretender Prince!

    All Hail Luteland!

    Seriously, I think I would be way more stoked for this period than for Dark Ages or HOTT. I can finally find a use for "blackguard" and "impudent dog!"

  2. Feh!

    The islanders ('ighlanders?) of the Outer Behirdes have had enough of the Lutes oppression - trying to force their rabble-rousing new religions and wearing of pants on them! NO MORE!! They will rally to the cause of the young Prince and storm the mainland with righteous fury and no pants!!

  3. Great Stuff Tim

    You been busy this year :)