Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Unidentified Flying Object

I’ve been a little distracted lately…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a slightly bigger version)

I have no idea of the manufacturer of this ship. I’ve had it for at least 20 years and for most of that it’s been sitting in a box of junk, half-painted. The base I made for it might seem a bit huge, but I made it pretty big for a number of reasons. For one I have a very big game table - space ships really shouldn't get all that close anyway. Bigger = more stable- lee likely these big ships will tip over on the table or in the storage drawer. Also It will keep them from being knocked about into each other when in the storage drawer.

I guess I'm going to need some new storage drawers... hmmmm....

Lately I’ve been having a hankering to play some starship combat so I dug this, and a couple others, out of said box o’junk to paint up and fly around the galaxy (oh, and I picked up a few more off ebay, which should be arriving shortly…).

I’m not entirely sure what system I’ll use. It will likely be Savage Worlds as we’re all familiar with it… with a few tweaks we were able to have some pretty darn awesome sailing ship battles….

Though I’ve always been interested in Full Thrust. I played Dirtside and Stargrunt – by the same publisher - long, long ago (in a galaxy far, far away…?) and always wanted to give Full Thrust a try…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Maybe some elves… maybe some more space ships… maybe some sci-fi skirmish stuff… maybe another Seven years War battle report… never can tell these days…


  1. What do you think of Battlefleet Gothic? How about the minis?

    I know they are stupid expensive, but the ruleset is free, and not too bad.

    I haven't looked at the Sav Worlds veh rules yet - I'll have to give them a once-over.

  2. have you played BFG? I downloaded the rules from the GW site ages ago but haven't looked at them. I know Mr. Miller liked the game and always said good things about it.

    The advantage of Full Thurst or SW is that they both have vehicle generation systems. i mean, sure, if you're clever enough you can make up your own stats for your own ships for ANY system...

    The added bonus of SW is that.. well... we may be playing a space opera-ish campaign in the very near future and it is FULLY compatible with the characters whereas there would have to be some converting and tweaking of Skillz to have PCs flying space ships around and shooting their guns and stuff.

    Some Aerotech2 ships just arrived in the mail...

  3. I believe that is a Hurricane class cruiser from the Stellardate 2998 boxed set from Grenadier way back in 1979... here is a link:


    I had that box once...

  4. SWEET! Thanks for the link El Grego!

    I seem to also have a Stilletto class fighter, two Aurora class Cruisers, the landing craft, and a couple others. There are others that I recognize and I'm sure I had at one point, but who knows where they've gotten to!?

  5. This has been getting some good comments from gamers about the place http://www.spartangames.co.uk/firestorm_armada.htm

  6. The rules are typical GW specialst games. A fairly robust basic system which treats spaceships like battleships or ships of the line - ie all movement is on a single plane, and the broadside is best. Added on to that is a whole huge complicated section for various racial special rules, although this is not nearly as bad as other GW games. Hard for me to compare without seeing the other rulesets.

    BFG does have tons of premade ships, and it's fairly easy to come up with new ones, as there are relatively few ship stats. As per for GW, points are king, and it is hard to balance ships without experience.

  7. Well you can download Full Thrust (and all of GZG's games from the Ground Zero Games Download Page

    There's Full Thrust, More Thrust, and two Fleet Books.

    I bought Dirtside and Stargrunt back when they were in print and really liked some of the ideas in them...

  8. I had that box too - brings back the memories.

  9. I printed off a copy of the Full Thrust rules maybe a year or two ago and have been carrying it around intermittently hoping to some day get around to using it for some space-faring action... I even started writing a 'Full Sail' version of the rules for sailing ships. Looking forward seeing what you come up with!


  10. Full Thrust is a good choice. You could also use Starmada if you so desired. Both systems have good and bad thing about them. Figure out which one you like best and go play some games!