Friday, July 16, 2010

German Officers – East Africa

These are actually the last two of the German Sailors I was working on last week.

As with the sailors I wanted maximum usefulness out of them. The Sailors I painted in blues as they did wear blues in the tropics, but didn’t wear white/khaki in more temperate climes – certainly not in the winter. These two chaps both have pith helmets, however; not a temperate headgear. So I painted them in khakis (which naval officers apparently wore on shore) and figured I could also try and pass them off as Shutztruppe officers.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

These are both from Brigade Games.

I’ve been rebasing other East Africans and started prepping another three units to paint up…someday…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Um… hard to say… Most of the stuff on the workbench is old stuff I’m re-basing and a few items I’m prepping, but not necessarily going to be painting right away. As soon as the last of the Russians arrive I’ll paint them up in a hurry…

I suppose I should work on Germans…

I am tempted to crank out an additional unit (or two) for each of the combatants in east Africa.

CURSES!? Maelstrom Games just sent out another one of their discount vouchers…. Urrrrrr… Evil Temptress! FIE! FIE! (It’s 17.5% off the UKSRP – and with the pound in the tank… the voucher code is: THE-PERFECT-STORM)

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  1. You can't beat a Pith Helmet... its iconic. Nice models by the way. I'm constantly being tempted by colonial figures... especialy if a discount is involved!