Monday, July 26, 2010

A Seaman, British Commandos, and a Couple Yanks

I’ve been doing a LOT of prepping and priming lately… and some other painting… and playing games… and other stuff…

Anyway, here are a couple new things rolling off the workbench.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

A handful of British Commandos from Artizan Designs. Didn’t really NEED them… just got a “good deal”… and there was only eight and they were the only things in that drawer that were painted… so I quickly got them done and out of the way. British Desert Special Forces are once again COMPLETE!

At some point I’d really like to get some SAS or LDRG mounted up in their trucks to do some mounted raids and such… but that’s a way off…

Of course I also said that about picking up Shermans for the Canadians and some later war German tanks… then West Wind Productions went and had a 40% off sale (curse their scaly hides!?)

A couple of the old harlequin (now Black Tree Design) Americans I painted up as samples… I kind of wished they’d all be in the Parsons jackets (the tan one) – which would make them a bit more versatile (Mediterranean, D-Day) – but it seems a number of them are the longer M1943 four pocket jacket… Ah well… Nice figures. I’ll have about a platoon by the time I’m finished.

This is a sailor I modeled and cast myself. I have a bin full of them. Thought I’d paint one up for fun. It was pretty quick and easy so I might just paint up another dozen or so… Not sure what I’d use them for exactly… I mean, really, how many Sailors do I really need!?

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Hard to say… there’s so much stuff on the workbench. Once I get all the priming and prepping done I’ll probably launch into the Russians.

Who am I kidding… by the time I’m done all this prepping and priming there’ll be MORE figures here ready to be prepped and primed and far more interesting (distracting) than yet another horde or soviets!?

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