Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Oh dear....

Because I apparently didn't have enough to paint already...

112+864= 976 28mm figures purchased so far this year.

I do have a few more orders inbound and then that will be it (really!). I've painted 465 so far... even at that rate the likelihood of me achieving my paint-more-than-I-purchase goal is becoming ever more elusive...

Also arriving in the mail today:

I've pickedup a few of these recently; three Pzkw 38T and now these three Marders. There's a lot of people on ebay selling them for absurd amounts of money - like $20 +$24 shipping!? I got these three for $13.5 + $7.95 shipping for the lot of them...

The dilemma is whether to include them in the 2010 totals for vehicles purchased... if I never actually plan on painting them. The totals are supposed to be a measure of painted vs. purchased to shame myself into not going overboard (though it seems again, for the second year on a row, I have!). I don' think I included the PzKw38, indeed one I simply based and have been using it! To repaint or not to repaint...

I've been taking stock of the WW2 stuff and trying to decide what to do next. Now that this order has arrived I'll probably start with the Russians - but then what? I was looking for projects that would be quick (i.e. the least number of things to paint up so I can have that encouraging feeling of satisfaction at having finished all of something). Unfortunately the smallest projects are the least useful; Desert Commandos, more Japanese, Bersagliari, etc.

There are a number that are pretty much all in the same boat - two to three batches of eight to twelve figures that will take about two weeks to complete (doing on and a half batches each week ~15 guys) if I stick my nose to the grindstone and not get distracted... Canadian Airborne? British Commandos? DAK? SS? Fallschirmjägers? They're all more or less in the same boat.

After that are projects that will take about a month to complete - Canadians, Americans, German Heer, Italians... I'll probably break those bigger groups down into smaller groups just to break them up a bit.

Oh and then there's the British and German Askaris for battling in East Africa that I started priming last night...


  1. Christian KnudsenJuly 20, 2010 at 10:05 AM

    Are you going to rebase those kits? Can you do it without damaging the model? Or are you going to trim down and then flock the existing base?

  2. Those bases the come on are held on with a bolt and are meant to be removed. These are, ostensibly, children's "toys", after all... I have stuck them on smaller MDF bases to match the rest of my 28mm WW2 armour.

  3. Where did you track those down? For the price of them I'd definitely be interested in a few.

  4. The Marders? Ebay. You kind of just have to be patient and check regularly. I think there's a Panzer IV up for auction right now that has a 99¢ starting bid. Unfortunately they want $24 to ship it to Canada!? (I'll be passing on that one...).

  5. I don't feel quite so bad about my model purchases this year now that I see what you've bought. My small tally is nothing by comparison. Mind you your painting tally is pretty impressive. 465!!!! How do you find time to eat and sleep?

    I've used ebay a couple of times, and its hard finding a bargain when you factor in shipping costs from overseas. Even 'local' shipping can add significantly to small purchases. By comparison most of the online retailers I use do free shipping.

    Having said that there are some bargains.

  6. I like the haul of figures. Let's see them painted.

  7. Working on that. Got the lot of them stuck to bases last night. I'll start priming tomorrow (actually PLAYING games tonight). It becomes clear which part of the hobby I love most when I think of games nights as "cutting into my painting time"...

  8. It is your punishment for being such a quality and efficient painter.

  9. Christian KnudsenJuly 21, 2010 at 11:58 AM

    That's it man, I've had it!

    One of these days I am going to kick you out of that GM chair you always seem to occupy and actually let you PLAY!

    See you tonight - I'll try and get in a bit early to roll up a character. Maybe a commissar tasked to oversee partisan groups in the district?

  10. But I DO get to play - I generally get to play ALL the... well... antagonists...?

    Sorry, I'm not saying I DREAD game nights - I love them... but I also LOVE... well... getting stuff done...

    What I could do is throw it out to the PLAYERS to invent a scenario from time to time - has to be with stuff I have. Their character isn't available that night and I play a schmoe...? How about that?

  11. What I could do is throw it out to the PLAYERS to invent a scenario from time to time - has to be with stuff I have. Their character isn't available that night and I play a schmoe...? How about that?

    Works for me. Wait until my move is completely done and I am down with that.