Thursday, September 8, 2011

Malcoff’s Attack!

Playing Hordes of the Things with the kids again… Finnegan decided he wanted to play the Orcs again. I talked Keira out of playing the Elves again, pointing out that the Dwarves had three stands of “Shield Maidens”…


Malcoff the Grunt finks there’s gold in them dwarfie mines. Gonna attack it and get some.


Orcs attacking Dwarves.


1x Beast General (Malcoff the Grunt)
6x Beasts (Wolves and Wolf Riders)
1x Warband (Orc foot infantry)
2x Behemoths (Giants and Trolls)

1x Blade General (Thora Redbraid)
5x Blades (Dwarf warriors and shield maidens)
1x Beast (Giant Armoured Badgers)
1x Knight (Dwarf Bear Riders)
2x Warband (Wild Hillmen Allies)


(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Finnegan and the Orcs prepare for battle!

The Dwarves prepare to defend their hold.

The battlelines meet creating a terrible din.

That first clash was terribly bloody…

First the Dwarven Shield Maidens routed a pack of Wolves…

Then some Wolf riders rode down and scattered a legion of Dwarf Warriors…

Then a pack of wolves shredded the Dwarves giant armoured badgers?!

FINALLY, the Dwarven Bear-riding knights rode down another pack of wolf riders!?


End of the first round of combat – both sides down two stands!

On the Dwarves bound, Thora Redbraid personally led a charge against a particularly nasty pack of wolfriders and shattered them!

Further down the line the Dwarf handgunners, though overlapped, managed to blast another pack of wolfriders to quivering bits of fur and flesh.

Orcs down four… But things looked bad for the dwarves on the next bound…

The Behemoths made contact with the left of the Dwarf line – contacting shooters and Warband – both of which they quick-kill…

But the Dwarf handgunners held their own against the Giants and the Wild Hillmen threw back the Trolls and utterly destroyed them! Which pretty much ended the game for the Orcs right there… but we finished out the round…

The Orcs had managed to flank a legion of Shield Maidens – with the General leading the attack… but the Shield Maidens held their line against the odds!

The Dwarven Knights were forces back for a second turn in a row – pushing them right to the edge of the table – another turn of such luck and they’d be done for!

The mess at the end of the battle.

Malcoff galloped (do wolves gallop..?) off the field shouting “Next time, Thora… Neeeexxxt Tiiiiiimmmmeee!

Wow that was a fast and bloody one!

Might get in another game tomorrow sometime..

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Hopefully I’ll get some pics up of a few new terrain tiles I’ve been working on this week. I also have been working on a few Vikings and started in on the Welsh!?


  1. Great game and nice pictures. Good to see the next generation of gamers being introduced into the hobby.

  2. Brilliant battle report again. Cant' get enough of your HotT posts. I am looking forward to see Malcoff`s revenge :)

  3. Excellent photos of a great looking game.

  4. Agreed. Your HoTT reports always make me want to give the rules a try (I have a copy and I have miniatures, but not based for HoTT). One of these days, though... (-:

    Hooray for the dwarves! My earliest characters and armies were dwarves and my sympathies tend to lie with them.

  5. Great figures and terrain - a great game too!