Monday, September 26, 2011

The Welsh

Oh, I’ve been busy…

I know it’s been a week or so since my last painting update… but I haven’t been slacking off or anything! I’ve been working on the Welsh in batches of 10 (2 stands worth), which I seemed to finish up one batch every other night or so. Now they are done! (well… the EARLY Welsh… I have a load of Welsh archers still to paint for one of the post 1100 versions of the army… but that’s for another day… or year…)

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

There are the new stands I finished up this past week and a half (I’d started on this a few weeks back and previously posted pics of a few stands)

This finishes up DBA Army III/19a Welsh 580-1099. Here’s how the army breaks down

General options; Warband or Cavalry

9x Warband – the bulk of the army

2x Psiloi - for skirmishing and harassing.

The figures are a mix of Old Gloryand Gripping Beast (with a couple of Warlord Games Celtic Women Warriors thrown in for fun – can you spot them?)

Now those that are paying close attention will notice I actually painted up an extra “warband” and an extra psiloi – this is to cover parts of the later lists (III/19b and III/19c Welsh 1100 – 1420 – South and North, respectively). I also have a PILE of archers to paint up as the III/19b (south) list has 8 stands of Long Bow. Also I’ve done all these warbands with spear as III/19c list no longer has Warband but 8 Spear (with the option of three more – or three bow, or three psiloi).

Now I don’t really have any feudal/medieval opponents of these later options, and, honestly, would the welsh of 1420 still have been carrying round shields with celtic devices…? I don’t know… I HAVE all the archer figures – which is what got me thinking I could do all three…

In the category of not-so-Welsh…. A couple other things I’ve finished up this week:

A Viking archer from Gripping Beast, a Viking warrior from Old Glory, and a knight from… welll… I’m not sure… Wargames Foundry maybe? (I got it in a trade from Bob - thanks Bob!)

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Pre-feudal Scots?

And a few Anglo-Saxons.

Then Dwarves, Elves, Centaurs, Skythians, Picts… um… skeletons? …orcs? And… uh…?…ROMANS!?

So many armies to paint…

I’ve been reading Larry Gonick’s Cartoon History of the Universe I (volumes 1-7) and the boy seems pretty interested in the Egyptians… so…

Of course the book ended with Alexander the Great (almost as a footnote – I hope he expands on that just a bit in the next book!), which has got me thinking about all the Diadochi DBA armies I have sitting in boxes…. (Actually, over the weekend I noted that I had fifty temporary painting bases in the pile - which I just removed Welsh from – so I started gluing Alexandrian pikemen down to them!?)

Oh dear…


  1. Awesome, inspiring as usual man!


  2. I agree with n.

    Ah, The Cartoon Guides are great stuff.

  3. Nice job on the knight! No idea where these came from--I got them from Dave in Edmonton in a trade!

  4. Great work, Tim! DBA is really not my cuppa but these lads are excellent.

  5. Love the shields. They're something I always struggle with.

  6. Hi Tim

    Could you do a blog explaining your apparently 'non-standard' DBA basing system sometime please?



  7. yes, yes... one of these days..