Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Welsh and Vikings and a Sorceress

Starting in on a new DBA army this past week (the Welsh) and finishing up a couple other things…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

One warband and three psiloi – all the figures are from Old Glory (what is with the one shoe on half these guys!?)

Vikings – oly two guys on the stand are newly painted – there’s been some reorganization of my DBA armies and some were pilfered from an additional command stand that I just didn’t need. The individually based skirmishers are all from Gripping Beast. On the stand are Gripping Beast and Old Glory.

A couple of Normans from Gripping Beast and Old Glory

A White Wizard for Amanda’s character in our new Savage Worlds: Dragonlance campaign on Savage Saturdays. The figures is, I think, from Mega Miniatures…?

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Some new terrain tiles…. More of the Welsh…. A couple more Vikings… Tales of heroic battle…. You know, the usual…


  1. Do you think the one shoe is about fighting in hilly terrain and needing a "lift" on one side to have a level stance? I only half jest.

  2. Lovely as always Tim.


  3. Thanks!

    Bob- When I was looking into it earlier, either on a forum or some website I read one suggestion that it's thought they kept one shoe off for traction (as leather slippers would be... well... slippery on steep hillsides...?

    Somewhere else I read it's based off a later medieval illustration that showed a welsh soldier in one shoe that may have been caricature-ish in nature (to show how poor the Welsh were? i.e. only able to afford one shoe) but later readers took it to be literal and tried to think of reasons why the Welsh would have only wore one shoe...

    honestly I have no idea - the latter seems likely to me, but if anyone else out there knows better - I'd be sure keen to know the truth of the matter!

  4. Some excellent looking figures.

  5. Wales is pretty muddy.

    Easy to lose a shoe.

  6. Looking great so far -I look forward to seeing it completed.

  7. Some very nice looking figures, I do like Gripping Beast minis!

  8. Some nice shields here man, and those Irish from August 31, hot da*M! Good stuff man, inspiring.

    As for having one shoe, I imagine it's an artist's mistake. It baffles me that people take art as literal, being a half-serious artist myself, I change reality all the time to suit my tastes! Imagine and artist that's working for commission?


  9. My Sarah is Welsh and often walks around the house, bemused, with only one shoe so it must be historically accurate (and nothing to do with the fact that the dog often creeps off with one her clogs to clean his teeth...). Great stuff! Particularly like those Gripping Beast lads.