Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Terrain Tiles

I knocked off a few new terrain tiles this last week (and repaired a few older ones). I figured with the new Norse Irish DBA army (and working on the Welsh) I could do with some new terrain for all the auxilia and psiloi (and warband!) to hide out in… woods… swamps… steep, rocky hills…. Same goes for the next army I’m working on: The Welsh!

Of course I’ve realized the Irish are Littoral… so next I should be making some shoreline tiles for that required “waterway”…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Swamp, Woods, Steep Hill, and Open.

I'm not so sure about the steep hill... it might be a bit TOO steep... I was torn between making it a stepped rocky sort of hill or making it as it is - there's enough texture on it that stands seem to be able to stay more or less still... we shall see, I guess.

The reeds on the swamp were made from the bristles of a basting brush from the dollar store. They were stuck to a washer and gooped like any figure bas I do – I wanted them to be moveable (like the trees in the woods tiles) so they could be moved out the way of any advancing DBA stands!

I now have about 21 tiles (or the rough equivalent – I have one big tile that’s 2x3 and counting that as 6 tiles…). I have bases for a few more already cut – just have to plan out what I need and get building! I’d like to have enough that I could have three games going using the terrain tiles – and not have any needing to use the river tiles… so 28 plus the river sections… of which there are currently four… so ten… and with one more I could have two games going on with no rivers… Hmmmm…

Maybe I should work on some new camps too…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Waterways!? …and maybe some more woods and hills and swamps….!?

I’m also on a bit of a roll with the Welsh – finished up enough chaps for two more stands of warband last night (they just need to be based). In a couple more evenings I will probably have the whole army complete! Well… all the options for the earlier Welsh. I’ll still have scads of bow to finish for some of the later Welsh options… but I’m not so concerned about that for the time being…


  1. Really nice looking tiles. Just curious, what material is the tile itself made of?

  2. Thanks Bard!

    The base of the tiles are 1/4" MDF - though the ones I made earlier were 3/8" ply wood (because.... that's what I had lying around...). I make battens out of 3/4" ply wood four around the borders to give them durability and then fill in the middle with 1" styrofoam. The texturing on the top (this time around) was drywall mud and sawdust....

  3. I keep thinking I should do a step-by-step how-to sort of post... but these things take time and... well... I just don't have THAT much time right now - I'd rather get more toys painted...

    Maybe some day...

  4. Lovely work Tim on the tiles.

    Would like to see the two sides on the tiles for show and tell.



  5. Nice work on the tiles, and the Welsh and Normans and all, as usual!

  6. Nice work Tim. They look very good.

  7. One of many of the fun things about Hordes games and parts is that you can lavish so much attention on the bits!

    Yes DO CAMPS! In great loving detail.

    I did my 15mm Hordes many years ago and now my young sons are starting to take interest in them.

    Fabulous that you have your young-uns participating!