Sunday, January 22, 2012

Norman Spear

(or “West Frank”)

I finished up a few more stands for my new Norman/West Frank DBA army. All the figures here are 28mm Crusader Miniatures

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Two stands of Spear.

The General for the army is actually a Knight, so this “command stand” is really “just for show”. I have enough Spear for two more stands - so perhaps I’ll paint those up someday and they could all be formed up together to make a big unit for… well… some other game?

A couple of Spare Crossbowmen.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I finished up some more Normans yesterday. Two stands of bow-armed Psiloi and some individually based foot knights and archers. You can see them over at Analogue Hobbies - I'll post them here tomorrow.

This morning I’m just finished up some Vikings and Victims. That sounds like a spin off Role-playing game from the 1980s… Dungeons & Dragons… Tunnels & Trolls… Burrows & Bunnies…. Vikings & Victims…?

After that? More Dark Age stuff. I have some of the Scots primed and ready to go…? Or some Anglo-Saxons…


  1. I will not lie - they are superb!

    I'm resisting getting a Dark Ages army going as I have so many ancients left to paint, and you go and stick that lot up!!! Curse you!!! I want some now.

  2. Thanks...

    Resist, Phil, RESIST!! They're really not all that fun to paint (at all) and I've totally photoshopped them to make them look pretty - in real life they look dreadful.

    Carry on with your current projects!

  3. Great looking Normans - Crusader makes great figures. Best, Dean

  4. Nice work as always!
    (speaking of temptation, every time I see you stands of figures, like these, I'm tempted to rebase some of my old single-based figures into stands of multiple figures. ha ha)

  5. Very nice work Tim! The banner looks great.

  6. These look pretty!
    Good stuff :)