Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kazubushistan 1918

I thought I’d try and organize some semi-monthly game nights on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month. I missed out on the 1st one this month (as the plan hadn’t fully congealed), but got it together for the 3rd! Last night John and Rick came over and we tried out a mash up of Ever Victorious Armies and Contemptible Little Armies (with a few ideas stolen from Black Powder). What we ended up with seemed to work out okay. We spent the first hour just catching up (I haven’t seen John in months) and didn’t get started until after 8PM and the game was pretty much wrapped up by 10PM or so and in the meantime played a pretty big battle...

I should really write down some of the rules and stuff – beyond the QR chart I have… and I need to sort out tanks and aircraft… among other things…

Kazubul, Kazubushistan, November 1918


A couple months ago Allied forces crossed over from Persia into the Russian territory of Kasubushistan. A Scots Brigade and a battalion of French Foreign Legionnaires have set up a depot in Kazubul for supplying counter revolutionary forces. The situation has deteriorated for the Counter revolutionary forces in Kazubushistan and the Bolsheviks have decided to capture the depot at Kazubul before the allies can pull out.


The Bolsheviks objectives are the train station and the town itself – both are wharhousing considerable supplies.

The Allied forces objective is to deny the Bolsheviks their objectives.


Allied Forces

Brigadier Hamish McBoorden C-in-C
Colonel Pierre Lepeieu – Staff Officer

7th Scottish Rifle Regiment (15)
12th Royal Highland Regiment (15)
2 field batteries Royal Artillery
1 battery Machine-Gun Corp
2/7iemme Legion Etranger (15)
Railroad workers and local militia (10)

Bolshevik Forces

Comrade Joseph Trotsky C-in-C

Comrade Lowelski – Staff Officer
3x Bolshivik Rifle Battlions (15ea.)
1x Machine-gun battery
1x Field Battery

Comrade Bertelinov– Staff Officer
3x Bolshivik Rifle Battlions (15ea.)
1x Machine-gun battery
1x Cossack Squadron (9)


(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Comerade Lowelski plotting the downfall of the imperialist stooges.

The Bolshevik Horde deployed for action.

The Allies prepare to defend their depot against the Bolshevik horde.

Ka-BLAM! The Royal Artillery takes it toll.

A turn or two later the Bolsheviks got their gun set up on a hill in range of the town and for a few turns the guns pounded each other with counter battery fire. Eventually the Russian guns were silenced, but they had afforded the Infantry a few turns of relief… but not nearly enough…

We decided, in general, we need more GUNS on the table for this sort of action!!

The bolshie horde surges forward again.


Bolshevik Cavalry tries to charge the town.

…but are cut to pieces by the MGs deployed in the town and the Highlander waiting outside of the town.

One of Comerade Lowelski’s battalions has already been cut down by machine-gun, artillery and rifle fire. The remaining battalions would advance a little further and try to engage the French in a firefight… but they ultimately lost.

The remaining Cavalrymen failed two morale tests and could advance no further. The following turnt hey were finished off by the MGs.

Comerade Bertelinov’s lead battalion was apparently formed of elite marksmen!? The shot the crap out of the Highlanders on the outskirts of town. The Higlanders were down to five figures when the near-full-strength Bolshevik battlion advanced past the shattered Cavalry and were nearly within assaulting distance.

Antoehr turn of shooting took out three more - requiring three morale tests of the highland unit now whittled down to two figures and already having two moral failure markers. They PASSED ALL THREE tests!

They next turn, however, the Bolsheviks assaulted and whipped out the rest of the Highlanders. WE actually rolled for the close combat, but as I was writing this I realized they should have been destroyed on contact (units with two moral failure marker that are contacted by an enemy unit are automatically destroyed) – the outcome was the same, so…

Bertelinovs follow on battalions slowed at this point, unable to keep pace with the elite 1st battlion.

The first battalion pushed through the Highlanders position and assaulted the town. They stuck in the town for a turn or two but were eventually defeated by the Scotts.

The MGs and artillery were starting to take a toll on Bertelinovs battalions…

The last roll I made for my MGs – hitting on 4+… doh! must have jammed or something.

Definitely more guns required... I have three more British/Canadian 18-pounders, Two German Krupp 77mm, and another Russian gun to do... I should pick up a few more for everyone!

Anyway, good fun was had by all (I think...). We’ll have to try it again after the Dark Age DBA campaign weekend. The next two game nights (February 1st and 15th) will probably be devoted to DBA to get people up to speed before the campaign on the 25th. In March we should get back to some Great War and Colonial wargaming and maybe some other stuff… War of 1812? I found a starship fleet combat game based on HOTT that I’d like to have a go at.

For the next five weeks, however, I’m going to have to get busy with the painting of the Dark Age warriors. I have two armies I had planned to have completed before the campaign!?

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Some Norman Crossbowmen!


  1. Exciting stuff. Sounds like a near thing for the defenders. Of course, in the vast open spaces of Russia, whatever front you are on, you are never going to have enough guns. Or machine guns. Or guys...

  2. It wasn't that close for the defenders...

    I wiped out all three of Ricks battalions (I just didn't have any pictures that turned out from the action on that side of the table, so I didn't comment on it so much) and the Cavalry - which was over half their force. Then on the last turn we played I destroyed one of John's battalions (that first one that made it to the town - I rolled 6, he rolled 1 - even without the numbers advantage he was utterly wiped out) and the gave up that point without bothering ot make a morale test. The two remaining battalions were getting mauled by the MGs.

    On my side I lost the one battalion of Highlanders, The Scots Rifles in the town maybe lost one figure. The French lost three or four - mostly in the last turn due to some lucky dice rolling on Rick's part just before the last of his guys left the table...

    OH and the Bolshies lost their one gun and both MG detachments - I still had both gun batteries and my MG...

    It wasn't close at all. It probably wasn't clear in the report because I was writing it at 2AM and very, VERY tired - but I just wanted to get it done...

    To have realistically succeeded in this assault he bolsheviks would have needed either far more guns to prep the area or far more troops. If I'd had only two battalions defending it would have been a lot closer... as it turned out I didn't even use the railroad workers who were holed up in the station. and the Cossacks I had just got drunk in a tavern on the far side of town...

    I don't think it too unrealistic that they didn't have the guns, but should have had the numerical advantage for it to be a "fair" fight. As it was it was a bit of a slaughter...

  3. Great spectacle. Thanks for the battrep.

  4. Cheers! Yeah, it's a lot of fun to throw a whole lot of toys on a great big table for a big ol' battle... I need to do this more...

  5. The Kazubushistan Department of Railways is rather optimistic regarding the rigidity of its trackbeds when subject to load. Or perhaps this is some sort of perpetual employment scheme? Those crafty Kazubushistanis

  6. Very nice looking game & figures. Sounds great using a mishmash of rules. Best, Dean