Saturday, June 22, 2013

Great War French St. Étienne Machine-Gun Teams

I have been working on some British officers… and still am… but I kind of got distracted by these… and finished them up while watching the last two episodes of Game of Thrones season two last night.

With this lot I have officially painted 100 more 28mm foot than I have acquired so far this year! Huzzah!  (though I still need to catch up on vehicles and mounted troops…)! No more painting deficits and it’s time to bring down that painting debt! I should really do a big stock taking like the one I did a few years back - just to see where things are at… It will, however, probably prove… embarrassing!

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Two Great War French St. Étienne machine-gun teams from Great War Miniatures.

Really quite a nice little kit.

I also have three French 1914 infantry units from GWM and a unit of Dragoons to fix up and paint.

Oh and I have that unit of Chasseurs à Cheval that I painted up last summer.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Those British Officers… or maybe a unit of 1914 French… or Martians… or… something else completely different. 


  1. They're really nice as we came to expect from you.
    Is there any reason that the loader is holding the ammunition into the air instead of feeding it into the gun?

    1. Cheers!

      It may just be the angle I took the picture from, but I think the loader is preparing to load an ammunition strip. I think the "scene" is supposed to be one of a team preparing to fire (or reloading).

  2. You´re preparing for 2014, heh? ;)
    They look very cool!

    Good to see the "painting debt" coming off, even though the intention of not buying that much more minis from earlier this year didn´t have lasting effect if I look at your 500+ purchased/aquired minis :D

    Maybe you should start a list of all the unpainted stuff, to set it into perspective? ^^

    1. I am indeed preparing for 2014! Lots of big 100th anniversaries coming up! I kind of dropped the ball in 2009 (250th anniversary of the battle on the Plains of Abraham at Quebec) and last year (Battle of Gueenston Heights). I'm going to be ready for Mons, and the Marne, and first Ypres... Then I'll be returning to the Vimy Project and preparing for 2017 - more on that in a bit.

      I did go on a bit of a spree in the first couple months of the year, but I haven't purchased anything in over a month... maybe two..? I don't currently have any strong desire to acquire any more, so...

      Neldoreth at the Hour of Wolves and Shattered Shields used to have a fairly regularly updated list of unpainted miniatures - which I always thought was an interesting way of keeping track of things. I've been wanting to do another big stock taking for a while.

  3. Great work on those, they look deadly.

  4. They look great, Tim. The terrain is also very nice. Best, Dean

  5. Great looking machine guns, love the basing and the ammunitions too!

    1. Thanks Phil!

      I also really dig the extra stuff that comes with the kit. It really kind of makes it into a mini diorama - there's extra ammo cast onto the loaders base, extra ammo cast on the gunners base, and then a separate bast of MORE ammo and a couple rifles!