Friday, June 21, 2013

1st battalion, 4th Martian Infantry Regiment

Some Space:1889 Martian colonial forces…. I’m not sure, really, what inspired me to pull these out and put some paint on them?! These things make sense way too late at night when I've mostly been working on them...

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

The British officer is from Black Tree Design and the Martian infantry are from RAFM.

I picked up enough martian colonial infantry for four such units. One I’ve already painted as the 2nd Battalion Queen’s Own Martian Rifles (the Parhoon Rifles). Originally I thought I’d do two in Khaki (as this one above) that would ostensibly be British, but could be passed off as Martians in the service of just about any colonial power. The fourth I’ve been planning to do in light blue tops and dark blue bottoms to pass as Belgian Martian troops. Rather than doing a second unit in Khaki, however, I’ve decided to do a unit in dark blue tops and red bottoms and call them “Tirailleurs Martien” in French service.

I also have some High Martians - at least one sizable unit painted and another to be painted. I figured I could use them as per light cavalry that can pass through (over) any other troops… I also have some Colonial Martian Artillery and native Martian Artillery for support.

What I really need to get doing is Martian native troops - Oenotirians and such - as an opposing force. Though I suppose I could pit any European colonial force against any other… with some Maritan colonial infantry fighting along side.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Um… There are some WW2 US Marines just needing some finishing touches on bases and some Great War British officers under way… not sure about after that… perhaps the “Tirailleurs Martien”, just to get them finished… 


  1. Fantastic quality and quantity of brushwork as always, Tim. Warm regards, Dean

  2. Great work as always mate. Your output is mend bending...

  3. I love Victorian Mars stuff. Good work.

  4. I really like your martians! Especoially the decent choice of colours got me.