Thursday, June 6, 2013

Great War Indian Lancers

Again with the Great War…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

These are Indian Lancers from Brigade Games. The minis, I think, are part of their Great War in Palestine figures, but I’ve painted them in Khaki Serge in hopes of being able to pass them off as some contingent to the Western Front (or possibly Imperial troops brought to England to defend the Crown in a Very Brtitish Civil War scenario?).

These minis were passed on to me by my friend Will Bailie who was doing a bit of a clean out before one move or another… (Thanks Will!). I hope someday we’ll be able to throw them down on the table together.

On another note, I've been trying to update the pages lately - mostly adding pictures from elsewhere in the blog... check them out over in the left.

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Um… hard to say…

I’ve often had two painting stations set up in the house. One a semi-permanent location upstairs on a card table in the loft where the TV is at – I often sit up there and paint while Amanda and/or the kids are watching a movie – or if everyone’s out, I’ve been know to put on a movie and paint, listening and looking up once in a while to see what’s going on. The other is on the Big Hobby Table in the War Room/Hobby Dungeon in the basement. It’s actually less permanent than the one upstairs (even though the one upstairs COULD be taken down at any time, if the space were needed) as I have to clear it away whenever we play a game.

As previously mentioned, we’re having some major renovations done to the upstairs which has required me to dismantle the upstairs painting station and move a whole bunch of the other stuff from the top floor into the basement War Room/Hobby Dungeon for storage which has pretty much shut down any activity there – gaming or painting….

I have, however since moved a temporary painting station back upstairs as we’ve found out the contractors won’t be able to start until the end of the month – at the earliest… which is a bit of a drag. When we’d talked to them last fall it sounded like they wanted to get going as soon as the snow melted and dried up… Anyway, the new temporary painting station is as cluttered as ever already… Legionnaires, German Dragoons, the last few zombies… all sorts of stuff up there ready for paint. What I will do next? I have no idea.