Sunday, June 2, 2013

More Legionnaires

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

More French Foreign Legionnaires from Artizan Designs.

The Legion force so far...

This finishes off the guys I have with sun helmets. I have another unit of guys in kepis.

The bulk of this force was put together from a couple of North Star Lucky Bags. The lucky bags are an assortment of random figures at a fairly deep discount, but they are often from pretty wide collections – like WW2 British, which could include british from either Artizan designs or Crusader Minis and could be early war or late war European or commandos or 8th army in North Africa or paratroopers or LRDG or… you get the idea… sometimes is just “ancients” which could be a mix of just about anything… So for the most part they are of little use to me – great for anyone just getting into something looking for a small number of figures for skirmishing…?

But once they offered a French Foreign Legion Lucky Bag, and as I had only a couple packs and no actual units I ordered two… so I instantly had a fairly large force of Legionnaires… unfortunately the line has a wide variety of legionnaires in different uniforms; in great coats and kepis, in great coats and kepis with full packs marching, in shirts and kepis, in Troupes Colonial uniform jackets and uncovered kepis, in great coats and sun helmets, in shirts and sun helmets, in Troupes Colonial uniform jackets and sun helmets… you get the idea…

Unfortunately this means my force has a wide mix of all the options… I’ve tried to organize them into units of like stuff… but I just don’t have quite enough of one type or another to make full units – which is why this units has a couple odd guys in greatcoats…

I am tempted to order a few more packs so I could end up with three units of legionnaires in kepis and three in sun helmets and each unit having a distinct uniform make up… i.e. all in great coats, or all in shirts, etc… but of course no combination of packs is going to give me the exact number I need… ugh…

Ah well, I can’t buy any more of these for some time anyway. I have much, much more that I need to paint before I can buy any more figures.

On that note I have caught up and have now painted more minis than I’ve purchased (well… at least in the 28mm foot category… I have to paint a few more mounted!) this year and have no intention of buying any more until I can double than number… time to bring the painting debt down!

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I’ll probably knock off that last unit of them next… because that’s how I roll – finishing stuff off because it’s fun to finish things… not because I have any practical use for it!?

After that I should paint something mounted – to catch up a bit in that category… Maybe some Great War French cavalry…? Or some more of the ANZACs? 


  1. Great stuff Tim, especially the skin tones. I love Artizan.

  2. Very beautifull, I like it.
    Good game