Friday, September 1, 2017

Fourth Annual September Game-a-Day Challenge

For the last few years, the kids and I have done a Game-a-Day Challenge through the month of September. The first year it was just any game, at least one per day. There were a lot of quick games of For Sale played just before bedtime that year! In the following years, we’ve tried to up the challenge by making it a DIFFERENT game each day through the month of September.

This year I’ve had the kids each come up with a list of TEN games they’d like to play through the month – that way we each get to play at least a few games that we really want to. I did ask for a mix of longer and shorter games. I also asked for a couple of “alternates” in case we got to play a few extras, or in case someone else has the same one on their lists, etc.

Here are our lists (alternates are denoted with ??):

The Girl’s List

Carcassonne (with an expansion!)

Finnegan’s List

My list

Should be a fun month!  

Now the last few days of September we’ll be at ToonCon – so there’ll be a few extra games getting played there – but that also might mean that two of the games on these lists might not get played (unless they happen to be the ones we play at ToonCon on those days…). But hopefully everyone will get to play MOST of their games!

The Girl wanted to put some role-playing games on the list and I wasn’t so sure that would work – as they take a considerable amount of time to play and even more to prepare… I do want to get playing MORE role-playing games, though…

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