Tuesday, September 5, 2017

So... This Arrived...

(Because apparently ONE Imperial Guard force just wasn't enough...)

This morning while I was out this boxwood of goodies arrived:

They're all long out-of-print Tallarn Imperial Guardsmen from Games Workshop.

Here's what they look like deployed with the few that I already had.

When I get these all painted I should have about 1500-point Brigade Detachment.

Company Commander
Command Squad
2x Commissars 

2x Infantry Platoons each with:
Platoon Commander
Command Squad 
5x Infantry Squads (each with: Sergeant with sword and plasma pistol, 6x Guardsmen with Lasguns, 1x Guardsman with grenade launcher, and 1x Missile Launcher Weapons Team)

5x Heavy Weapon Teams (distributed between platoons or under company command as required- 2x Lascannon, 2x Autocannon, 1x Heavy Bolter)

4x Special Weapon Squads (or “Light Anti-Armour Squads” as I like to call them - distributed between platoons or under company command as required- 2x Plasma, 2x Melta) 

1x Roughriders

2x Scout Sentinels

That makes: 
5x HQ (Company Commander, 2x Platoon Commanders, 2x Commissars) 
10x Troops (Infantry Squads) 
7x Elites (3x Command Squads, 4x Special Weapon Squads) 
5x Heavy Support (Heavy Weapon Squads) 
3x Fast Attack (1x Rough Riders, 2x Scout Sentinels)

Actually, I just realized I am ONE MELTAGUNNER short of this (I need one more to finish a Meltagun Special Weapon  Squad... GAH!  So, if anyone out there has got one...? I probably have stuff I could trade...?).

I do have an assortment of Psykers and special characters I could add to the force as a separate detachment. I do have a pair of Leman Run tanks I could paint up an Tallarn Khaki for some HEAVIER support. At some point I'd definitely add a 2-4 more Sentinels to the Scout Sentinel troops. But maybe I should start with just getting all of THESE assembled and painted! 

The really crazy thing is I ALSO just picked up a few more metal Catachan heavy weapon teams to add to my Guaiacan Commandoes - needed for the 8th Edition Re-Org

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

There will probably be an update on the September 30-Games-in-30-Days Challenge at the end of the week. There will likely not be any painting updates for a little bit as things are about to get CrAzY around here - all the kids activities kicking off... Kitchen Reno forging ahead... Home Education plans still to be finished up and submitted by the 15th... Busy-busy-busy!! 

(Although I just got a notification that Walking Dead Season Seven just arrived on hold for me at the library and I'll have a week to watch that... so maybe I WILL get some painting done over the next week or so! Probably won't be Tallarn, though - I NEED to get cracking on a few more Jet Bikes! Looks like five people are already signed up for my Faustus Furius: 3000 game at ToonCon!) 


  1. That's a lot of figures! Good luck with that and I'm glad that jet bikes (!) Are back in the picture, I'm hoping to have a kitchen soon, still a building site!
    Best Iain

    1. Are you building a new house?

      I should have some pics of the latest Jet Bike up later today... or tomorrow...

  2. Rather jealous of your new collection! I've wanted some for quite a while but never found them in sufficient qty at a decent price.

    1. This was a pretty lucky score!

      (part of me would still like to keep an eye out for a similar lot of Valhallans, but even I'll admit THREE guard armies might be a bit much...)

  3. Oh wow, awesome!!! What a great score!! I'm jealous.

    1. I don't know, man, you have some pretty wicked-cool 40K stuff of your own!

      (It was a pretty good score, though!)