Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Finally, Some More Jet bikes!

With ToonCon less than two weeks away I figured it was time to ramp up the Jet Bike production. I finished two of the other day - which makes my total eight, so far. As I set the limit at 8 for the game at ToonCon that's really all I NEED, but I do have two more assembled and partly painted that I'd like to finish off - just in case there's a rush of late-comers and a couple more would like to play. Currently it looks like six are registered, but I've found - at least for my miniature games - half the people pre-registered for my games don't show up, but others will show up and ask if there is still room...

The two new jet bikes. These, as with MOST of the others were assembled from bits I received for backing the Ramshackle Games Jet Bike Construction Kit Kickstarter. I think the jet bike bits (or at least kits) are now available through Ramshackle's web stores.

The first of the Jet Bikes I finished this week.

Can anyone guess the source of inspiration for this one? Most of paint schemes for the Jet Bikes so far have been inspired by cars and bikes from TV or movies...

I was going to put a number 48 on this one... but there wasn't really a big enough area to put a number after I painted all those lightning bolts. Ah, well...

The second Jet Bike I finished this week.

Super bonus points if you can guess the inspiration for the scheme on this one!

Number 6.

the lot of them (so far!!)

"Gentlebeings, Start your engines!"

If anyone reading is local-ish, it does look like there are two spots open for FF3K!

After finishing up two more bikes I have a few other things to get ready - activation cards, some quick reference sheets, measuring sticks, and maybe a few more terrain bits...

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Another update on the progress of the 30-Games-in-30-Days Challenge for September.


  1. Lovely looking jet bikes, worth the wait, no idea about the popular culture inspiration I'm afraid, but they look great and that's all that matters!
    Best Iain

  2. Superb Jet bikes, lovely colors!

  3. I agree, the bikes look great! Also have no idea regarding inspiration. I am sure the con game will be a lot of fun!

  4. I ran the jet bike race at Boyl and it was great fun. Hope yours goes well too.

    1. Thanks!

      Are there pictures anywhere!? I saw the Inquisitor Cynole Battle Report at Warfactory and had enjoyed the Helsreach buildings and trade goods posts... but where are the pictures of the big race!?

    2. Hi Tim,

      I did a few blog posts about BOYL if your interested, including the race;

      Cheers :)

  5. Thanks guys! The red one was inspired by Grease Lightning (the car from the movie/musical Grease) and the tan one uses the scheme from the vehicles in Megaforce (early 80s action movie).

    This previous one was inspired by buckaroo Banzai's rocket truck (that travelled through the 8th dimension at the beginning of the movie):

    Another was inspired by Herbie the Love Bug:

    at least a couple people noticed that one!