Friday, September 8, 2017

Another Jet Bike - More Tallarn

It's only a Command Squad - the Platoon Commander I actually painted almost seven years ago!

Tallarn Platoon Commander with Command Squad of veteran infantrymen. All of the figures are from Games Workshop (and are pictured here entirely without their permission). 

While the Officer is pretty "blinged" out with fancy armour and weapons, I didn't want to go crazy on the command squad - because they are frontline infantryman (the Company Command Squad... that's a whole different story), but I did want to do something to set them apart from the rest of the infantry in the platoon. 

Ultimately I went with black head clothes and fancy knives. 

Hopefully that makes them stand out a little bit. 

These are also figures I painted ages ago, but I thought I'd take a couple of new pics of them. Both are conversions.

This fellow is actually an Imperial Guard officer from Games Workshop that I converted to be a Tallarn commissar. 

This second Commissar is actually a Lawrence of Arabia figure from Artizan Designs that I added a bolt pistol to... 

Seriously - not painting any more of these until I get a few more JET BIKES done - ToonCon is just THREE WEEKS AWAY!!!

Here is ONE of the new Jet Bikes I finally finished up.

He's been mostly finished for some time I just couldn't decide on a number or logo or whatever and eventually went with the ToonCon logo (this one is for John - the founder and main organizer of ToonCon). 

Hopefully people will be able to tell it's the ToonCon logo (without me having to explain it!)

The Jet bike and pilot are from the Ramshackle Games Jet Bike Construction Kit Kickstarter - but the head is from Hasslefree Miniatures.

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  1. Those are great. Really good job

  2. Very nice,the Lawrence conversion works really well and the jet bike is great, we've been having building work going on since March, demolition, foundations, extension, rebuilt bedroom, understairs shower /wc, new bathroom,basement tanked, new kitchen floor and now new kitchen,first time I haven't done the majority of the work which is great the trouble is I am having to do the painting, so all my spare time is 1:1 scale painting, at least for a while! Good luck with your kitchen.
    Best Iain

    1. thanks!

      We had a big renovation like that four years back. The kitchen/dining room was supposed to be the last of the big renovations - but in the process we've discovered that some of the plumbing under the floor in the basement may need repair at some point. This is why I hate renovations - you think you're going to fix one thing, and you end up having to fix FIVE!?

  3. Great work Tim, everything is looking really sharp. Fancy knives - the perfect solution!

    1. Thanks Greg!

      I've been eyeing up the captain and his command squad and wondering how I should do those guys. (Y'know, when I get to them... not NOW or anything, because that would be silly painting a company command team when they don't even have a company to command yet and I still have jet bikes I need to finish in the next week or two for my game at ToonCon - they're TOTALLY NOT on my workbench or anything...). Anyway, I think I may do the veteran command team similar to the platoon commander - deep red and gold armour, black head scarves, solid colour smocks, etc...

  4. Excellent stuff Tim! Love how the Tallarn turned out. I snagged some of the old Tallarn fellas at Cangames for use in Necromunda/Rogue Stars/Any other space themed games!