Thursday, October 12, 2017

40K More Astra Militarum Specialist Infantry

A few more Astra Militarum rolling off the paint desk...

Okay... I'll admit, I DID paint these Tallarn Infantrymen first... 

But it was to finish off a Special Weapon Squad including these snipers I finished on the weekend... 

I did, however, concurrently paint (okay, ALMOST concurrently...) (okay, I painted them AFTER - but I waited until they were done before posting pictures...) a pair of jungle-fighting mortar teams  - to add to the existing team to form a Heavy Weapon Squad armed with mortars. 

 I think the only thing I need to finish off to complete the completely reorganized for 8th Edition Guaiacan Commandoes are a pair of auto-cannon-armed heavy weapon teams! I should easily get those cranked out over the weekend.

I'd go paint them right now, but I need to prepare a couple of games for the weekend. I'm actually PLAYING with the Guaiacan Commandoes on Saturday. This will be their baptism of fire in 8th edition. Being a list based on fluff and not optimized for competition and facing a Necron army that's all characters and heavy support.... I expect them to be utterly annihilated. I think their only hope is that the Necrons can't kill them all fast enough to satisfy the victory conditions... Ah, well... we shall see. Stay tuned for the battle report.

I'm actually hoping to get in a few games of 40K this month. In November I think I might start a Shadow War: Armageddon campaign with the family and a few friends..

Coming Soon To Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

A GEN-U-INE miniature wargaming battle report - the Astra Militarum defends humanity against the deathless legions of the Necrons!


  1. Great looking imperial guard, especially the Tallarn chaps.
    Best Iain

  2. Those Tallarn guys are very, very nice. I miss those old, proper metal figures :(

    1. Thanks Greg! I do love the old metal figures. I'd love to do a Valhallan force as well with the old miniatures... But killer deals on complete forces of unpainted metal miniatures are few and far between. If ever GW renewed the guard minis and made some plastic Valhallans that were actually nice, I might have to bite the bullet and jump in.