Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Seven Years War

Okay so I had promised to do the 20mm WW2 next but it’s turned out to be a bit of a daunting task, so I thought I’d do something a little easier…. Get that sense of accomplishment and excitement before I take on the 20mm WW2 monster…

My interest in and knowledge of the Seven Years War is mostly limited to North America – and the figures reflect that. The campaigns I would be playing are those fought in North America.

I played a game at Edmonton Mayday last year that used a system called “Two for Tea” by Bob Barnetson, which is based on Warmaster (report and pics HERE). It was a lot of fun and I was instantly sold on it – I came home and re-based all my figures to use them with the system! I played a game with my friend John (report and pics of that game HERE) but have done little with them since. I would definitely like to work on these again over the next year – there are not many of them and a month of dedicated work would probably finish them up.

Here’s some pics of what I’ve got:

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Two regiments (battalions) of British. I should probably change these so there’s a King’s colour in there in addition to the Regimental Colours… These are all figures modeled and cast by my friend John Bertolini. They were originally meant to be for the War of the Spanish Succession. I figured the uniforms were “close enough” for me and painted them up to use in the Seven Years War.

A unit of Old Glory Militia.

Some individually mounted figures for use in skirmish games. Mostly Old Glory, though I think there’s a Foundry figure in there, and Rafm, and I thought I had some West Wind figures… but they seem to be absent now that I have a close look…?

Some British Grenadiers – again figures modeled and cast by John Bertolini.

Three more regiments to finish painting up…

Some more individuals to finish painting up. Two of those are definitely West Wind. Two are Old Glory… the woman…? Foundry…?

Some Rafm “Female Settlers” most will be based individually for skirmish games… but one or two might find their way onto a stand of militia.

More stuff to be painted… Guns by Rafm, crew by John.

Command elements which need to be finished – these are all from Old Glory.

Some old Rafm British Marines with really old paint jobs! Need to be re-painted and re-based (and I’d need a few more too!)

Roger’s Rangers

A regiment of Highlanders! All these packs were picked up earlier this year when Rafm had a “1986 prices” sale on the line (which is about the when I bought the ones I previously had!) - $4 a pack!

Assorted Iroquois

Four Battalions of French Infantry – Don’t ask me which Regiments – I used to know. I could go look it up… Whatever they are they more than likely fought at Quebec (or maybe Louisburg). The ones in the foreground, on the left of the picture are from Rafm, as are the standard bearer and Drummer in the unit next to them. The rest are all from John.

One battalion of French to finish up. These are all from John.

Le Marquis de Montcalm and his colonels (which still need to be painted!)

French Canadian Militia. I should model one of my own and cast piles!

French Cavalry

The only non-North American troops I have from the era – Jacobites! These are from Old Glory.


25/28mm Seven Years War - British

Have Finished:
2 Regiments of Foot
Regiment of Militia

Have To Paint:
1 CO stand (General Wolfe), 3 Colonels
3 more Regiments of Foot
1 Regiment of Highlanders
Roger’s Rangers
1 Unit of Iroquois
Marines. – need repainting.
2 guns and crew

Still to get:
… Well maybe if/when I get the above done I’ll borrow John’s new, re-mastered moulds and cast a couple more regiments.

I guess I’d need another pack of or two marines to field them… though I’m not entirely sure where they saw action…

25/28mm Seven Years War - French

Have Finished:
4 Infantry Battalions

Have To Paint:
1 Unit of French Cavalry
1 French Infantry Battalion
2 guns and crew
1 Unit of French Militia

Still to get:

Same as for the British - if/when I get the above done I’ll borrow Johns new, re-mastered moulds and cast a couple more regiments.

I should model a French Militiaman of my own and cast piles

25/28mm Assorted 18th Century Civilians, etc for skirmish gaming

Have finished:
a couple...

Have to paint:
A couple more assorted Old Glory and West Wind figures
One pack of Rafm Female Settlers – a couple of these might make it on to various militia stands – and maybe some militiamen will be based singley…

Need to get:

I could do with a couple infantrymen on single bases for skirmishing games… I’ll cast my own at some point.

You can see more pics of John Bertolini’s figures HERE!

Next on Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Well I am supposed to be geting together with CK for a little Blitzkrieg Commander action so there might be a report from that... or there might be more of me taking stock... I'm not going to make any promises about which that might be, however...


  1. sounds like quite a plan!

    Sorry to have to miss the game in February...

  2. "Four Battalions of French Infantry – Don’t ask me which Regiments"

    The green/black cantons with decorated cross is du Roi. The multiple colour cantons with the fleurs-de-lys decorated cross is de la Reine. If the one in the rear has four black cantons, it's Piedmont. And the yellow & red striped one (that I had to look up) is Béarn.

  3. Oops! The green/black one is de la Reine. And the multicoloured one with decorated cross is Royal-Roussillon. Doh!
    embarrassed andygamer

  4. Hi I like your figures, I am presently compiling my own 7yw British army,