Sunday, December 2, 2007

Quick Update - Americans (and British)

I finished up a few new things this week, repaints mostly, thought I'd post some pics...

(Click on the pics below for a bigger version... you know the drill, right?)

These are Forces of Valor die-cast M1 tanks that I repainted. Not bad models and NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED! Repaint as required!

Next is a Revell Models AH-64D Apache (1:100, I think) snap tight kit. Again minimal assembly required. This one is going to need to be repainted too I think…

I think this was a Matchbox Land Rover of some sort. A tad on the biggish side (1:72 Brits shown for scale) but cheap like dirt and, once again, no assembly required. Until I can get a model of a Sultan this will probably be the CO for my Cold War Commander British Battlegroup.

These have already seen some action this past week – AAR should be up this evening…

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