Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Mayday: Part Three

Saturday Afternoon: Germantown (and other stuff…)

For the afternoon slot I got to just play a game. Bob Barnetson, the convention organizer, ran the game. Just like the convention it was exceedingly well prepared and organized. The scenario was Germantown 1777 using Bob’s own “Two for Tea” rules (which are apparently based on Warmaster and were printed – along with the scenario in Wargames Journal # 6.

I played the British along with my old-time, ex-Saskatonian, gamin’ pal: Cory Loshney. I can’t, or the life of me remember any of the names of the three that played the Americans… I started with Major Smith’s forces at Luken’s Mill (two units of infantry and one of dragoons), Brigadier General Mathews’ forces near the cross-roads (three Grenadier and a cannon) and Major Grant’s forces at the Crossroads (two infantry and a cannon). The latter force I handed off to Cory after his force at Chew House collapsed. Cory also played General Howe and his reinforcement column when it arrived.

Things looked grim to start off. Smith’s force at Luken’s Mill (a victory condition location!) had Major-General Greene breathing down his neck with four units of infantry, a cannon, and some dragoons. On the first they were exchanging volleys.

Mathews’ and Grant’s forces moved out immediately to meet Brigadier Wayne’s force which was steaming up the middle of the table for the crossroads (an even more important victory location!)

I made the mistake of splitting off one of the units of grenadiers to go help out Smith at Luken’s Mill (BIG MISTAKE!). I spent the rest of the game trying to bring them back….

In the end Smith’s force made a mess of Greene’s. Though, when the game ended, the Americans technically held the mill, it was with a single stand of very brittle dragoons. These had snuck around my force which had moved out to pursue the rest of Greene’s retiring forces but were now facing a full strength Infantry unit and would very quickly have been shifted from the mill had play continued another turn or two.

My Grenadiers gave Wayne’s force a very bloody nose and forced the survivor to retire but weren’t able to effectively pursue as I was trying to bring back the fresh grenadiers I had foolishly sent off towards the mill and then tried to call back a turn later when it became apparent that Smith was holding his own.

On Cory’s side of the table, his force had been over run at Chew house but Howe arrived and was in the process of giving that colonial rabble a rather good thrashing when the game was called.

The game was played with Bob’s very pretty 6mm toys. They were so nice even I briefly considered running out and buying some… then I cam to my senses (for once in my life). Though I won’t be building up any 6mm forces in the near future I am rather looking forward to playing with Bob’s again someday (just look at the pictures below, you’ll see why!)

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

These are Mathew’s Grenadiers in the pen with Grant’s Infantry marching up to the crossroads. The mass of British infantry in the far off background isn’t really there… those are Howe’s reinforcements that are off-table and will eventually march up the same road Grant is on.

Some of the Americans.

More Americans. I think this was Washingtons and his force that over-ran Chew House.

The players and an overall view of the table. Off to the left with only haf his head in the picture is my friend Cory. Next to him is Bob. Across the table are the three American players… sorry guys, I forgot your names… In the bottom center of the picture is the Crossroads where Mathews and Grant started. The road heading off to the right from there leads to Luken’s mill at the next crossroads. The other roads that leads to the far corner of the table (between Bob and the American players leads to Chew House).

I think this is Howe bringing up the reinforcements past the crossroads…

At the bottom of this picture are some of Mathews’ Grenadiers, off to the left are Grant’s infantry. Opposing them are the remains of Sullivan’s and Wayne’s forces reeling from the ferocity of the British volleys!

British chasing the colonial rabble from the field.

Both Smith and Mathews were actually killed in the game. For both at one point or another I rolled 12 when trying to issue orders followed by a 6 on the random event table – officer killed! They were replaced by less efficient and capable subordinates which made things more challenging!

It was a great game! Great terrain, fantastic (wee) figures, and a challenging, finger-biter of a scenario that I felt could easily have gone either way. So thanks again to Bob!

Stay tuned for more! Coming up next is Part Four; Saturday Evenings Vimy Ridge game!

Some of the other things that were going on Sturday Afternoon:

A slightly out of focus picture of the Flames of War tournament that raged all day long. In the foreground are fellow Saskatonians Messrs. Tim Miller and Ryan Glover. Mr. Miller took top honours that day with his lend-lease Naval Tank Battalion. (It has to be Naval, right, otherwise why would he have been wearing that hat…?!)

Chris playing in the Disposable Heroes
game put on by Kevin Barrett. I played in a DH game Kevin put on at Fallcon last year. He’s another guy that puts on a great convention game – beautiful terrain, fantastic figures, thoroughly organized and on top of things. You can find a report of this game here.

John Burt running his command and colors game. Again a full report on this will likely be found at his Calgary Boardgame Night Blog… but apparently he’s ”waiting on [me]”

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