Wednesday, August 4, 2010

…And Some MORE Japanese!?

Last of the Japanese for some time… At some point I will break down and pick up some from The Assault Group. I’ll probably pick up some of their 14th Army guys as well (I’ve been reading Quartered Safe Out Here byGeorge MacDonald Fraser - not a lot of “action” so far… but an excellent read and any good read involving military history always inspires me to collect a new range of figures…).

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This is another lot of First Corps Japanese I picked up off ebay.
Definitely have enough for a full strength platoon now.

Here's the lot of them so far...

I’ve been thinking of giving Contemptible Little Armies a go again. Most of the figures I had for it originally have been rebased for our DBA conversion and I have no desire to rebase them. I do still have all the East Africa stuff – which I’m going to try out tonight. Conveniently, most of my Great War era armies are figures I modeled and cast myself. So, if the game goes over well I’ll eventually just cast up loads more to make whole new armies…

In the meantime, however, I also got thinking I might try a battle set in the Far East between Russians and Japanese in the late 1930s… Seems the kind of place I could send in company or battalion attacks... MGs being the main on table support (mortars too, if I had them), some off-table artillery, and the occasional tank...? We shall see...

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Russians…. Maybe some Germans…

Two more orders just arrived – one from North Star (Artizan/Crusader) and one from Maelstrom Games (More Artizan and Bolt Action). One more big one to arrive from Bolt Action Miniatures… oh, and all the tanks from West Wind Productions… and maybe a couple things from ebay… then I’m done. Really. That’s it. No more for this year – I have all the WW2 stuff I could possibly need in the near future and more than enough to keep me busy painting for the rest of the year…

Once it’s all here I’m going to take stock again and come up with a painting schedule of sorts - with some flexibility worked into it so I can paint whatever suits my fancy any particular week – but still keep me on track to finish the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal being to finish painting ALL of the 28mm WW2 stuff I have by the end of the year – AND paint more than I’ve purchased this year!!

Next year I will resolve to paint TWICE as much (or more) than I purchase.

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  1. Nice work Tim on the Japanese.