Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Humber – Part Six: The Final Chapter

…aaaaaand here’s the final product. The completed Black Tree Design Humber armoured car.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Glued texture stuff to base. Painted it brown. Highlight with lighter brown. Even lighter highlight with tan. Glue on some bits of static grass, pebbles, and clump foliage for shrubberies!


For those that haven't been following along this is a car from the 7th Reconnaissance Regiment (17th Duke of York’s Royal Canadian Hussars). 7th Recce was the reconnaissance regiment for the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division which landed on D-Day at Juno Beach. The 28mm WW2 Canadian infantry I am working on are from the Regina Rifles (7th Brigade, 3rd Division), and other elements are also part of the 3rd Division, or units that were attached or supporting the 3rd Division.

Not sure what I'm going to use this for... What kind of scenarios would one do for a reconnaissance troop? "Okay, here's a table full of terrain... find the hidden germans and report back, and, preferably, don't die..."?

Wow… Hope I can power through the Shermans so quickly!! I’ll probably do them as a bit of a batch-lot. Should I do them as a step-by-step to...?

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Seems there’ll be a few Canadian infantrymen rolling off the workbench before the armed civilians… but they’re coming soon too.

After that I’ll probably get working on my Canadian Armoured Troop (of Shermans)

Darnit… West Wind Productions does have their 40% off sale on again this week…


  1. Tim,

    That looks really good, and the step-by-step is helping inspire me to get busy, too...

    That, and the Westwind sale, which I just took advantage of (again). :)



  2. Very nice!

    (I thought someone said they weren't going to buy more figures until 2012... ha ha)

  3. I'll point out that I did note in that post the possible exception of buying a few T-34s from West Wind if they did, in fact, go on sale this week...

  4. Nicely done! And in a hurry too! I like the basing you did--it really makes the vehicle pop.

  5. Thanks Bob!

    It's true! I think basing makes all the difference - well done bases can make so-so figures not look half bad. Stunningly painted figures on crap bases (like, say, plain black plastic...) just look like crap...

  6. Lovey work Tim on the finished model and base.

    You are right Tim of course. The bases can make the difference between a good job and a lousy job if you have a decent miniature.

    I'm at a disadvantage as I'm still trying to work on quality bases for my miniatures.

    Thank you,


  7. Very nice stuff here. I really enjoyed the WIP action on this one, and agree that it turned out extremely well! I can't wait to see it roll over some poor soldiers in the near future!

  8. I've followed the on-line build and must congratulate you on an interesting set of posts. I have really enjoyed reading about how you modelled and painted this AFV.