Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More Canadians

Just… um… don’t ask…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

A mortar section from West Wind Productions (less one chap that I couldn’t locate). How did I end up painting these – one of the least useful things I could have worked on given the current campaign situation!? They’re neither Germans or Russians… and even if I were to suddenly switch to Northwest Europe, mortars just don’t end up on the table all that often!

How did I end up painting these then – when I had a half-painted lot of Japanese and a lot of Soviets also on the table ready to go? I think it worked like this – I was mixing up some base goop to finish off a rebasing project and I always make too much so I generally try to gather up some other figures that have been based and primed but not gooped to have them on hand so no goop goes to waste – since it doesn’t matter if goop goes on before figures are painted… and so after gooping all the soviets and Germans in the “on deck” section I gooped these Canadians. Then they stayed on the workbench overnight and while I was finishing up details on the rebasing project I just sort of grabbed the mortars and knocked them off in a couple minutes… Then I was just sort of like “well, there’s only a couple crew here… they’ll only take a few minutes…” and, lacking regular infantry equipment, they WERE quite quick to paint up…

Then I though; “hey there’s these wounded guys too…”

…and here’s the wounded guys (also from West Wind Productions).

I kind of like these… and like the idea of placing these on the table where troops have fallen instead of just leaving the figures lying over on their side. I was about to nip back over the West Wind’s site and order me up a bunch more (Germans, Americans, Japanese, maybe a COUPLE packs of Russians) while there’s a sale on… but was saddened to discover THE SALE IS OVER… ah well…

Finally, in the realm of slightly more useful in the short term…

A German! This is one of the old Harlequin (now Black Tree Design) lot that I picked up off ebay recently. They really are nice figures.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Japanese. No, really, they’re almost done. Then some Russians. Then maybe a battle report!!


  1. I always liked those Black tree WW2 figs. Nice job on those Americans.

  2. I always really liked those Black Tree WW2 figures and have quite a few myself. Nice job on the painting!

  3. Great work Tim. You really are building up your armies at an incredible pace.

    Looking forward in seeing your Japanese.


  4. Hey Tim. I really those dead guys. I must resist buying them. Nope, no good. I need them.