Wednesday, August 18, 2010

More Phoenix Clan HoTT Stuff, etc.

Welcome to the 600th post. Weird, huh?

(I've also, apparently, used up 56% of my picture storage space!)

Success! Well… sort of… I located Amanda’s old camera AND the cords that attach it to the computer… but I haven’t really figured out all it’s functions. It doesn’t indicate what it’s focusing on (like the one that just died did) and has a nasty habit of focusing on… well… NOT what you WANT it to focus on. I tried to take pics of all this stuff on terrain but after two shoots and 40+ pictures I could just not figure out how to get it to focus on the figures and NOT the grass of the terrain board!? URRRRRRR!!! So I tried with a white background and that worked a little bit better – some of the figures were in focus some of the time

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

These are old Citadel/Games Workshop figures; painted, photographed and posted here entirely without their permission. They will be beasts in a sort of generic “Chaos” Hordes of the Things army I’m working on for my friend John. It’ll have these… some beastmen… some ogres… maybe dark elves… Cultists…? We shall see…

These are Phoenix Clan “Void Guard” for my Hordes of the Things Phoenix Clan army. The figures are old AEG/WOTC Clan War figures.

I’m not entirely sure what the “Void Guard” are supposed to be or how they are used tactically. I assume they are summoned servants of the Void and probably bad ass in close combat… Perhaps I’ll class them as “Blade”. If anyone’s got a better idea I’m all ears! The Clan War Phoenix Army book is one of the ones that I DON’T have…

These are Isawa Inquisitors – also for the Phoenix Clan army. I think I’ll classify them as “Clerics” – they are guys that seek out and destroy evil shugenja - users of Maho (blood magic). Of course if I field them I won’t be able to use all three magicians

These are “Avalanche Guard” magicians who can turn their skin to stone… or at least cover it with stone… I’m not sure… Anyway, I’ll class them as “Blades” as well.

That’s pretty much it for The Phoenix Clan army. I do have four samurai archers I’m going to paint up as an option. Once I get those done (and figure out how to use this camera a bit better!) I'll post a picture of the whole army together. Shortly after this is posted I should also be posting a report of their first action!!

I also painted up one or two of each for skirmishing… There’s also a Phoenix diplomat there that’s from an Old Glory Samurai Villagers pack.

…and some other oddities rolling off the painting table:

These are Mega Miniatures fantasy villagers (or maybe they were “medieval villagers”… I can’t remember…)

…and a dead Russian from Battle Honors.

yeah… just… don’t ask…

And finally a giant spider from Games Workshop figures; CONVERTED, painted, photographed and posted here entirely without their permission….

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Some more of the Phoenix Clan…? Maybe that stand of archers, just to get them done, and a few more individual figures for skirmishing.

There are still Soviets on the painting table…

..and beastmen (which may or may not stay long enough to get painted)…


  1. Do you have those Chaos Ogres still? I think they would be an excellent addition to a Chaos army

  2. Hey man, I'm trying to get a battle report done here...

    YES! I do still have those ogres (what would I do with them? give them away? They're YOURS!!). They are , in fact, the ones I was referring to. One of them is on the table and just about complete!